Nothing can do anything for us. Nothing can do anything to us.
We – in our Consciousness – determine everything that happens to us. (Lester Levenson).

Readers of this blog know that my message is how to raise our vibrational or quantum energy in order to experience the lives we desire. When our quantum energy is in sync with all that is in the wider energy field, we attract to ourselves the experiences, people, things and happiness we picture in our inner minds.

I have chosen the expression of Love as a method in which to raise our vibrational energy. Loving ourselves is the first and critical step. How are we to love others if we do not love ourselves? We are all divine, beautiful and eternal beings. In our true eternal state, we are pure love and perfection. The majority of us have lost touch with who we really are, yet we have an inner urge to return to our most powerful and divine source. If we are able to still the wheels of constant thought, we may recognize there is an internal yearning to the re-discovery of who we really are.

Many years ago I used to ask ‘What’s it all about’? I said it more in jest as it became a key phrase amongst my friends. The question has never left me, only now decades later, I have concluded that ‘It’ is about Happiness. I thought about this yesterday as I attempted once again to guide my 10 year old into reflecting more on what she does want rather than what she doesn’t want. I must say my beloved daughter is not the only one – many of us are ready to observe what they don’t want/like, rather than what they DO want/like. It has become habitual to recount the down side rather than the wonderful experience within.

I listened to a friend recently tell how dreadful his flight to his long awaited vacation had been. He told of long waits through security, the rudeness of the ‘worst air crew in history’ (his), and the dreadful taxi journey to his hotel. ‘But how was the vacation’? I asked; ‘oh wonderful’ he smiled. ‘The best vacation I’ve had in years’! Whaaaat?! See what I mean? Why even mention the downside? I can only think it is a habit to demonstrate it’s necessary to take the ‘rough with the smooth’. Er, no it isn’t. Not at all.

You see, when a person takes as much time to reflect on the down as on the ‘up’, they can expect mediocre at best. Why is this?

It is because we attract to us – the things we focus on the most. Whether we want them or not. We are very good at anticipating the worst that can happen or – turning our attention to the glitches that may turn up in an otherwise welcome experience. Just as my friend earlier preferred to vent about the things he didn’t want – enroute to his destination – it does not serve any of us to turn attention to minor (and major), irritations.

It is better to register – briefly – the thing/person/event/experience we don’t want and hadn’t bargained for – and to quickly move on to feelings of what did go right or what we’d prefer to have, do, want and be. Even the things we ‘didn’t want’ (experiences), possess energy that is detrimental to our present experience. When you are holding onto or just recounting previous irritations – think – is THIS energy/vibration, what I really want in my life right now? Invariably, the answer is ‘no’. That’s right, so now turn you thoughts to what you DO want; NOW or forthcoming!

I digress, but this is all linked. ‘Why is happiness the most important thing’, my precious 10 year old wanted to know. I couldn’t make my response too lengthy. There is only so much of the esoteric a restless 10 year old can take before noon. I told her, if you are happy then it stands to reason that everything else in your life has fallen into place. right?! If you’re ill you wouldn’t be happy. If you were depressed and alone – you wouldn’t be happy.. would you? If you lived without hope and money to buy food… Daughter got the message and added, ‘If you were doing a job you dreamed of… you would be happy’; ‘If you had lots of money, you would be happy’… Well just a minute – not necessarily, I said. But by then she was on a roll… ‘If I could hang out with Miley Cyrus I would be happy’… Er, hold on, that’s not quite what I meant dearest daughter… Too late – darling girl skipped off to FaceTime Zoe.

Who can blame her? So much to take in. I’m still taking in all I can and there is so much else.
Sometimes I think, if only someone had attempted to tell me what secrets life held. If only someone had taken a fraction of the interest I have in passing some of what I know now to my own five kids…(and everyone else)! So frustrating, I think ‘let me make it easier for you – life doesn’t have to be so difficult’. Life’s a blast and you – ALL of you out there – can Consciously Create the lives you desire. Would I have listened? Nah, probably not. I’d still want and need to find my own way. But in any case, maybe in retrospect I would have welcomed a nudge.

In my attempt to nudge any of you who are interested, I am Sending Love to each and every one of you in this moment of the blessed NOW, and even to those who couldn’t care less. That should cover the vast majority of you. Please send love forward to your nearest, dearest and to absolute strangers. Give Gratitude regularly (please) for whatever you care to think of – just think is all. Thank You.

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I met a lady quite by chance in a department store the other day. I was heading towards a lamp I KNEW I should have purchased only the day before; but here I was the next day – making a beeline for it. (Should have followed my gut, right? and saved myself a trip:) The middle aged lady stood browsing in the same area & she was dressed for summer, with a pretty straw hat and carrying an umbrella. I couldn’t help saying with a smile, ‘oh do you know something I don’t?! The temperature was almost 90 degrees. And without missing a beat the lady responded, ‘oh I always carry an umbrella. I’m afraid the sun will thin my hair and it will fall out’. What to say? This is wasn’t what I’d expected. I said, ‘Well I can see how you might think that, but it’s unlikely to happen if you think the opposite’. ‘How’? the lady asked. I went on, ‘Things are more likely to happen if we think they are ‘true’; but say you begin to think that you would be unlikely to loose your hair… then perhaps you could begin to relax about your worry as you change your belief. The lady’s eyes began to fill up and she nodded. This was obviously an emotional issue for her. I told her she didn’t have to continue believing her hair would burn and fall out if she didn’t want to. I said she could try turning her attention away from that very thought each time it entered her mind.

The conversation went on a little and the lady said it was odd that out of all the people, she had met me that morning. I felt the same. Was this a ‘by chance’ encounter? I believe EACH encounter is part of our flow of energy, so ‘chance’? no. Serenpiditious? yes! (See earlier blogs on Serendipity). We parted with a hug and I didn’t see her again.

What are your beliefs? Some of our beliefs are constructive. Believing you are good at what you do. That you are a good person; kind to others and level headed. Perhaps you believe you are creative in whatever field; that you are good at math, baseball or are a born leader. That you are a wonderful parent and a gifted musician. The more profoundly you BELIEVE – whatever it is about yourself, your life, your circumstance – the more likely it is all these things are true for you.

What about the contrary side of belief. There are people who believe that however hard they try – they cannot get ahead. That it’s ‘impossible’ to progress in their chosen field as ‘all the best positions are taken’. Just like ‘all the good men/women are taken’. Some believe that others are lucky – but not them. They believe they are doomed and they’ve been dealt a lousy life hand. Well guess what – if you believe that – it’s more than likely that is the way things will be experienced.

I recently chatted with a talented hair stylist who shared with me his dream to relocate to Cape Town. I felt excited for him, yet sensed there was a ‘but’; an apprehension in his ambition. I asked him what was up. He responded that even though he had lived in several other countries earlier in life, and always found work in his field as a top hair stylist, this time he didn’t know if he could make the leap. The reason – he was now 50 years of age. Firstly I told him that ’60 is the new 40′ and he nodded smiling and said ‘yes, i heard that’. So here was again an example of belief, hindering ambition. What you might call, a self-limiting belief. We discussed on that there was nothing else stopping him apart from this one belief. I told him that when we change our beliefs, we change our lives.

This beautiful and talented man nodded in agreement. Sometimes it takes another person to nudge an individual into peeking out of their box or comfort zone. To break through the loose ties of a belief that have kept us in bondage for very little reason. Will he go to Cape Town? I have no idea. But I do know that the grain of an alternative belief has been planted. Please do not allow a construct such as ‘age’ hinder your dreams. You can reinvent yourselves into whatever you have that desire for – at any age. Don’t have the intention to slow down, take it easy now you’re over 45, wonder what happened to your earlier dreams or figure, ‘it’s all too late’. NO it is never too late! Well it is if you believe it is. And as I have said many times before – change your thoughts (and beliefs), change your life.
Let us remember that we create our lives from the inside. Stop reacting and start consciously creating:)

Quite often a negative belief is self imposed because we absorb from the group consciousness a generalized belief. Such as, ‘age matters – and it’s all about youthfulness’. Well I suppose if you ‘believe’ the almost universal advertising and media system that strongly suggests that under 40 age group have all the vitality, most of the fun and the ability to dream etcetera… it might have an effect over time. But it really doesn’t have to if you begin to reject such generalizations.

Frequently beliefs are imposed on us by family members, teachers, friends, others. It’s easier to reject beliefs as adults if we are aware, but harder as children. I tell my children that they may mentally say, ‘That’s for you – not for me’, if they hear something or are told something they feel is wrong. For example, when a fifth grader, my son attended a birthday party. He hadn’t understood the unusual request from the host father that party boy should NOT be hit by any paintball. Thinking the playing field was even, my son paintballed party boy. Later on the way home, the host father turned to my son and told him ‘YOU are a bad person’. And then proceeded on a tirade ending with him demanding his own son to no longer ‘hang out’ with such a ‘bad person’. My son was too young and too astonished to respond, but he luckily shared the exchange with me a few days later. He was obviously hurt and confused. I told him that this was a time when he should immediately and firmly say to himself, ‘That’s for you – not for me’, and ‘I am a GOOD person’. Sadly this is the type of comment that can impose a self limiting belief on a precious, young mind. Perhaps later ‘forgotten’ by the conscious mind, but never by the powerful subconscious mind that holds every single memory and exchange. You see, a single phrase said and also felt with strong emotion, may have a life long effect on one’s belief about oneself.

You might ask what my response was to host dad at that time. In a nutshell – it is to turn my attention away from that thing, those things I do NOT want in my life. When we dwell and linger on such negative energy – guess what? We are miring ourselves in that like energy. So yes, let’s let it go and focus on the things we WANT. Right?! Besides, as I told my son, what that parent said, says more about him than anything else. And it’s not a bad idea to give others benefit of the doubt. Let’s move on and direct our thoughts to our own Abundance – never mind another’s lack.

For now, I am Sending Love to each and every one of you in the most precious moment that is the NOW. And yes, that includes host dad:) Please Send Love Forward today and give Gratitude. Thank You.

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‘To the mind that is still. The whole Universe surrenders. (Lao Tzu)

As you gradually turn your attention from what you don’t want and more to THAT thing, those things, you do want, your vibration melds with Quantum Energy or ‘All That Is’. You can if you wish, call it God, the Universe, or even The Field.

As you focus more on your wants and desires, you are aware that the balance of Feeling Good is essential to the outcome of your wishes fulfilled. When you Feel Good, you are more relaxed about the outcome of your wants and desires. It is when you are feeling good that you are in vibration and harmony with all that is. Yes, ‘life’ here sometimes gets in the way. Frustrations, our own not very helpful self-talk, the whole damn thing sometimes gets in the way – but mostly actually – it’s ourselves that mess it up. When this happens, just swish back to your/a good feeling thought. Make it a habit. It works.

When you really GET that we are the only person responsible for the life we are experiencing and Consciously Creating – it should get easier to continue wanting to re-calibrate our emotions and moods. ESPECIALLY when we fully comprehend that our ABUNDANT life is on the line. That is either side of your emotional divide. Ask yourself, how much do you desire that abundant life? Then it’s absolutely worth swishing back to a better feeling emotion, isn’t it? THAT thing you want is either coming towards you or heading in the opposite direction. It’s entirely up to you. Not anything else. The economy/president/parent/your lousy boss/neighbor/brother in law, has zero to do with your ABUNDANT life – or lack thereof.

When you place your cosmic order of wishes and release the thought, you SURRENDER to that thing, those things you wish to come into your life. As Deepak Chopra puts it: “Slip into the gap, have the desire, detach from the outcome, and let the Universe take care of the details”.

When you do everything right in the ordering of your cosmic desires – up unto the point of SURRENDER – and then commence to worry, fret, agonize and manipulate… you are entering into the energy of LACK.

You don’t want to do that.

You want to remain mellow and relaxed. Nodding your head as though listening to your favorite playlist. Smiling at back of your eyes, in full KNOWING and TRUST that, the ABUNDANCE you have ordered up – is on it’s way. Depending on your generation, just like depending on the reliability of a Sears Catalogue – or Amazon Prime. Ok, the excellent Amazon Prime promises 2-day delivery – and for those whose wants are aligned with firm believe – delivery (manifestation) could be 2 days… but for the majority of us, standard delivery should do it.

As dear Florence Scovel Shinn advised, (words to the effect of): Allow your desires to come in on a don’t care sea.

When you’ve made your online order, do you fret and worry if and when your item will arrive? Do you wake at 2 am and wonder, ‘Will that thing ever come’? No. I didn’t think so. And by the way – if you are prone to middle of the night mental meanderings – if you are going to be awake – please try swishing your thoughts to what you WANT rather than the opposite.

For gazing on the images, thoughts and feeling of what you DON’T want is just as powerful as planting your attention firmly on everything you DO want. All That Is/the Universe/Subconscious Mind, is impartial to your wants. It delivers to your door what you think and feel about mostly. Whether that be penury or abundance. Whether it be more of what you are sick and tired of or whether it be your new reality. The ABUNDANT LIFE you desire and deserve.

So here’s the thing. Surrender your wishes and desires to the greater power. Demanding, agonizing or worrying will have the opposite effect of that very thing you want! Don’t try to manipulate or instruct, either. Placing your order is all you need to do. (the HOW of that is addressed in earlier blogs, but feel free to drop me a line for clarification). Place your desire into an imaginary bottle and toss it into the endless ocean or release it inside a huge ballon into the infinite sky. And then TRUST.

Then get on with your life. Naturally, you revisit your desires/wishes/wants in your daily and RELAXED moments of visualization and guided reverie. But SURRENDER is an important key.

The thing is – that thing you want – is already here. It already exist in that infinite Quantum Field of expansion and possibility. The ENERGY of our Allowing, Surrendering and Expectation causes it to manifest.

YOU need to BE that thing you want, wish, long for. That thing you want to BE, HAVE or DO, is right here. Practice the FEELING of the thing and smile with expectation as it sails towards you. Say ‘Thank You’ before you take ownership of it.

In this amazing moment that is the glorious NOW, I am Sending Love to all of you. For some moments in your day, reflect on the NOW, rather than the past or the future. NOW is your point of attraction and power, FEEL good NOW, not when that thing you’re after finally arrives. It may not. The secret is NOW. Thank You.

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Some of my clients tell me that they are practicing Visualizing that thing they desire, infusing their visions with emotion and feeling. That they practice giving Gratitude on a daily basis and that they Send Love to many people, which in turn raises their level of Quantum Vibrational Energy. All necessary for attracting to us the life of ABUNDANCE we want and deserve. But still they wait for that thing they WANT. That thing, that state, that person or attribute. They are getting anxious and impatient; what’s going on?!

Well stop right there. Let’s stop with the anxiety, frustration and loss of hope. All of the above is GREAT! You’re doing everything fine. I’m proud of you, but after saying all that – are you ALLOWING? This may be the step you are missing in Conscious Creation. Please don’t miss it as ALLOWING is essential to manifesting that thing you want.

Being in a state of allowing means that you are aligned with the essence of your desires. Whether you’ve been trying to manifest financial abundance, a relationship, your dream job or improved health, ALLOWING means also FEELING as though you already HAVE it. When you’ve done everything ‘right’ as far as your understanding of the Law of Attraction and that thing you want remains elusive, it is quite normal for us humans to begin to fret… ‘Where is it’?

The moment that begins to happen, we sync OUT of the vibrational match we were making great headway with. And if that happens, our vibrational energy translates into LACK. As in, ‘I want that thing I don’t have’. It is important to realize that our vibration needs to be aligned with having rather than lack.

The lack vibration faithfully delivers to you – more of what you are thinking about.

I realize it sounds ‘tricky’ or even complicated to actually FEEL as though you already HAVE the thing you desire. But with practice, you will get there. You can try practicing for a few minutes once a day (more if you fancy), and IMAGINE yourself being in possession of the focus of your desire. Improved health, a fabulous relationship, financial prosperity – or the millions of other things we humans strive for.

Use your imagination to enable you to FEEL how you will feel as your desire is manifested. If you have difficulty visualizing, be reassured it is not essential as such. Remember, FEELING is the thing. So, feel excited, stoked, enraptured, over the moon! Persist with those feelings and add emotion. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between ‘real’ and imagined feeling or emotion. Rehearse your scenarios daily and with as much excitement and color as you can muster! This is the Art of ALLOWING.

In addition, it is important to recall that it is all about being in the NOW. Our subjective subconscious minds that serve only to obey our demands will bring to your door just what your vibration is focused on at any given time. But the kicker is:
your vibrational energy needs to be focused in THIS MOMENT not a time in the future when you WILL be happy. OR the past when you WERE happy:)

It may seem to be a lot to remember but don’t forget, we are all living the lives we have ourselves created. That is with our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings and this is whether we are thinking Consciously or UN-consciously. The way I see it is if this is the case, we might as well be living the lives we WANT rather than the alternative.

You will get there with persistence. Perhaps try something minor as an ‘experiment’! Last summer I fancied a pair of blue shoes, (I know). I thought to ‘put it out there on my wish list’. And then forgot about it. A couple of weeks later, I was in New York and decided to have a walk of a few blocks. I visited an obscure little boutique and ‘blue shoes’ was the last thing on my mind as I browsed round. I noticed the little store also sold shoes but I wasn’t going to ask as I generally have to purchase my shoes online as I wear a large size. (I know). However, I was prompted to ask – don’t ask me why – and the girl said ‘Yes, I have a pair in your size’. I couldn’t believe it when not only were they a beautiful BLUE, but they fit like a glove! I was happily astonished:)

Yes, a silly example but life’s about FUN too isn’t it?! And it is an example of something small we can all start with.
Build up to the big stuff as you grow in confidence and realization that we are indeed creating our own lives. You could work your way up from blue shoes to a blue car or a house with a blue door! It’s all possible in the wonderful world of Conscious Creation.

In my next blogette I would like to mention another ‘little’ hint that can help you with your manifestations. I’ll be back shortly. In the meantime I am Sending Love to one and ALL in this beautiful moment that is the NOW. Please Send Love Forward and let us count our blessings. Give GRATITUDE. Thank you.

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You Take Yourself With You

One of my children complained that a class mate she didn’t like was placed next to her for the third time in a row – despite the rearrangement of tables and places in her 4th grade class. “So what do you want to do”? I asked. She answered, “I want to tell the teacher that ‘Tom’ is bothering me and I need to move to a different table”.

The problem with this approach in life is You Take Yourself With You. I explained to my disgruntled daughter that if she did manage to leave Tom behind, she would face a similar situation with a different person. In other words, it isn’t Tom (or Dick or Harry), who is the problem – it is yourself.

An adult friend announced she was looking for another job. Her co-worker drove her wild and she could not stand her boss. Do you see the similarity with the first example?.

As we know, school life is but a preparation for adult life. Relationships, situations, circumstances that occur on the school yard replicate themselves in a myriad of ways later in life. If we realize that taking ourselves with us means that we are going to continue in circles, is there a different way forward?

Fortunately there is a way forward and out of the not so merry go round of disgruntlement and annoyance.

As you know by now the premise of this blog is that We Create Our Lives. It isn’t ‘out there’. It’s inside where all our experiences exist and emanate from. If another annoys or irritates you, look no further than your own consciousness to fathom the ‘problem’. Thoughts are energy and vibration, which in turn are as concrete and real as our visible world. Change our thoughts and we change our lived lives and our experience – or perception of it.

See that person you have taken a dislike to? You may not speak to them; you may for courtesy sake (say in the workplace or on the school committee meeting etc), smile and acknowledge them for appearances. But what is your ‘true’ conversation with that person? Be honest and examine the inner dialogue taking place in your mind. The conversation that makes you fume & criticize.

By ALTERING those private thoughts that wind you up that create stress and frustration, you are able to create a more harmonious ENERGY. By the process of imagination and self-talk, create a different dialogue with that person. Imagine what you would like to HEAR. Imagine that you could possible change your perspective of the person in question. Try sending more harmonious thoughts. Sending Love is the most powerful of emotions in transformative thought.

As I have previously written, Sending Love is nothing to do with personal love. I’m not suggesting you are to now make that person your best buddy. I’m suggesting you up end egregious, negative thoughts and emotions to ones that are more neutral and ultimately more beneficial to YOU.

The negative thoughts backed by frustrated, ill-feeling, emotion are returned to you as ENERGY. This does nothing for the pursuit of your ABUNDANT LIFE! It serves only to bring to your door frustration and negativity in other areas of your life. Where is THAT THING you WANT you think. Well, when there is imbalance being played out in one area of your life, you cannot expect for the ABUNDANT LIFE to flow in an entirely other area!

The energy YOU create around you doesn’t exist in compartments! You can’t have your cake and eat it. (I’m sorry – I just HAD to say that). You can’t be saying your affirmations and visualizing all that stuff you want; go to church and be kind to abandoned cats and EXPECT to get what you’ve set your hat at – if your energy is all askew.

Yes, we get frustrated, fed-up with folk, annoyed and so on. Who doesn’t? I get it. We’re humans after all. But in the MAIN – let’s try to at least AIM for harmony, acceptance of others and peace, man:) Let’s try for balance in relationships because those negative inner conversations we have are more likely to harm US rather than the other.

In the example of the adult in the workplace mentioned above, I checked in with her some weeks later following our session. She reported that it had taken a couple of weeks of effort to change the habitual view she’d had of her co-worker. Yes, she had silently Sent Love and positive regard. Yes, she had practiced rehearsing an inner dialogue that was less condemning and more harmonious. After a couple of weeks this young woman had stopped even thinking of her co-worker in negative terms. And the very thought of her co-worker no longer gave her cause for a frown or a knot in the stomach. She was able to focus more on what she wanted rather than what she didn’t want. It so happened that a couple of weeks further, the co-worker was allocated to a different office. My client said that she had wished the very best for her ex co-worker and was relieved she was genuinely able to do do.

As for my fourth grader… I counseled her to Send Love and to appreciate her ‘annoying’ table mate. This advice seemed to irritate the precious darling even more. So I left her to it. Last I heard, young Tom was seated happily on a table, far, far away. Had young daughter taken my advice on board? Who knows. You can take a horse to water, but.. well, you know the rest.

In the spirit of great harmony, I am Sending Love to each and every one of YOU right NOW. Like you all, my own life is a work in progress. Let’s try do our best in harnessing the trajectory of our immensely powerful thoughts and emotions. As we do this, we invite into our lives the richness and ABUNDANCE we all crave and deserve. Please Send Love Forward to fellow travelers today. That includes the annoying, the irritating and those you’ve promised never to speak to again. Thank you!

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Following my my most recent blogette (SERENPIDITY), I wonder, did it set you to thinking of your own
moments of serendipitous happenstance?! I began to think of how serendipity has worked in my own life. Large and small incidents, not deliberately intended but all the same a side bar of fortuitous circumstance.

A couple of years ago I had visited my mother in England. I visited her at this time of year, Easter. Normally that would be it for another year. But in July just as my family were to embark upon a road trip vacation, I mentioned to my husband that I had a ‘feeling’ to visit my mother and would he mind if on our return trip I would fly from Salt Lake City as he could continue home with the children, to the Bay Area. My mother had been in hospital for a couple of weeks for investigations on her increased breathlessness and general ailments. On the day I arrived I was to pick her up as she was discharged as ‘well and stabilized on her medication’. We were so pleased to see each other. By ‘coincidence’ our older son was also visiting the UK and we met up at mum’s. We spent a pleasant afternoon as I suggested a drive around my old haunts to show my son where I had come from; old school, city, the hallowed ground at Manchester United and of course fish and chips. As usual the day was spent in great humor and spirit as we reminisced and kidded with each other.

The next morning I took my mother breakfast. Mum hadn’t slept well as usual but she was otherwise fine and I left to do a few errands. When I returned, mum was still in bed but a bit ‘out of sorts’. She dozed as I sat and read. The afternoon passed with a succession of unexpected visitors. My cousin Jennifer and her husband came and left. Only to return an hour later with not ONE but THREE of her sisters, my mum’s beloved nieces. What a surprise I thought. I hadn’t seen them for years. My own sister arrived and then my brother and his son. The small house was full to bursting. Most unusual I thought. Just as I was thinking to go to the store for more supplies, my brother called me upstairs where mum was lying down. He asked me to sit with her on the bed the opposite side of where he sat.

I couldn’t believe what now finally dawned on me. My mum was dying. Not at some vague time in the future, but right here and now in front of my eyes. At once there were 10 people surrounding my darling mother’s bed. I could not believe this moment had arrived. My mum died with the people who loved her the most surrounding her and as I my brother and sister held her. In the house we had called home for 55 years. That was the most powerful moment of serendipity in my entire life and I only thought of that last night!

What were the chances that I would make an almost spontaneous 5000 mile trip to see my mum – just because I felt it?

More serendipity was to follow. My husband had flown to the UK on a pre planned business trip and was in London. My eldest daughter had just touched down from her visit to Europe. Both of them took the train next morning to come to our home in Manchester. Although a week away, they were both able to be present for mum’s funeral.

As my brother and I began to sort out mum’s stuff as well as arrange a little book for her Requiem Mass. We couldn’t think what music we wanted. We came across three songs written in her hand in one of mum’s many notebooks. These turned out to be the most PERFECT songs and music we could ever have hoped to agree on. One of them we had never heard before and we requested it be played as mum was brought into the church. If you have any interest in being totally transported to a higher realm, I urge you to listen to the piece.

The Lark Ascending by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. It is transcending. As it played in that cavernous church I sensed my mum ascending from this plain to the next. It is one of the most powerfully moving pieces of music I have heard before or since.

I belief my mother called me before I knew. At some energy level, we BOTH knew, but the conscious me was in denial even 30 minutes before she passed away. At the time I kicked myself for not being more aware. For not spending EVERY second with her of my final visit, telling her what a beautiful, wonderful, amazing mother and friend she had been to oh so many. Now I only APPRECIATE and give eternal thanks that I was called to her side.

I am filled with such deep LOVE fueled by EMOTION as I write; I Send LOVE Forward to ALL of you in the glorious moment of time that is NOW. The only moment that matters for our Conscious Creation. I am not filled with grief, quite the reverse. I am filled with uplifting love. Please Send Love Forward today to those you meet. Friend and Stranger. We are connected, each of us part of the UNIVERSAL energy that is life, love, God and everything that is good, pure and Divine. Recognize the Divinity in the people around you. Thank You.

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According to the dictionary ‘Serenpidity is luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for’.

A friend was called by her room mate to come pick her up at a restaurant. Even though it was past midnight, being a good friend, she decided to do this favor. When she arrived at the restaurant, her friend was no where to be found so she sat in the reception area and waited. Opposite her was a young man and the two fell into conversation. Turned out HE had also been called out by his friend and was doing his samaritan bit. Those two people exchanged numbers that night, started dating and later married. That’s a great example of a serendipitous moment. Neither were looking for a partner at that time either!

Some people see these moments as coincidence, chance or luck. They might not equate their thoughts and feelings with what comes across their paths. They consider the amazing and serendipitous events and coincidences that occur as being outside of themselves. This is not the case. We live in a world governed by natural laws and we experience what we send out as energy as our lived lives.

I would say that you have more chance of enjoying MORE opportunities of serendipity if you ARE in the ‘flow of life’. Years before I wrote about the Law of Attraction – or was even aware ‘it’ existed, I would say when a seemingly coincidental and happy occurrence manifested, ‘oh, i must be in the flow, in the zone…’. When everything fit into place in the most delightful way, I felt I was in a good ‘vibe’. (yes, I am a child of the 60’s).

The fact that beautiful moments of serendipity and coincidence may seem random probably contributes to people thinking it’s all chance and luck.

Anyhow, I wanted to remind you that in Sending Love Forward and expressing Gratitude as often as you can in the day, you WILL raise your vibrational (quantum) energy. And this serves to bring into your orbit, so to speak, increased incidents of pleasant surprises and random luck than if you remain in the old rut of negative self talk and downward looking emotion.

If as I believe, ‘Our Thoughts Are Things’, then I must and do believe that there are no coincidences. The people, events, opportunities, circumstances that play into our lives are a result of our energy out, otherwise known as Consciousness. The Universe where all this Consciousness Creation takes place does not hold any subjective views on those events and circumstances. The Universe will ‘bring’ to you whatever you think and feel about most. It doesn’t question, advise, or think. Your conscious creation is up to you. It is WE who must take responsibility for our inner thoughts which are underlined by emotion. This is what matters. We are each of us creating the events that will visit us tomorrow and the day after. No one else is responsible for the drama of our lives, good or bad. Change your thoughts and you change your life.

You can look upon serendipity as a by-product of ‘feeling good’. I also see it as a manifestation of your Abundant Life. The thing is, it needn’t be random or chance. It could be much more frequent than you think! When I hear people say, ‘You won’t believe what happened to me’… followed by a wonderful tale of happenstance; I LOVE to believe it. Serendipitous moments make me smile. Harness the wonderful power of your mind to manifest more to you evidence of your Abundant Life.

Send Love to yourself first and foremost. Send love to your loved ones. Send Love Forward to those fellow travelers you meet in your daily lives. We are in fact, ALL connected. Sending Love OUT equals Love IN. Expressing GRATITUDE for the most minor incidents and stuff that happens in your life, leads the way forward for receiving MORE to be GRATEFUL for. I am Sending Love Forward to each and everyone of you in this glorious moment that is the NOW. Not tomorrow or next week, for NOW is the only moment that matters, and that the Universe understands.

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We Are Conscious Creators

According to one of my favorite Law of Attraction writers, the mystic Neville Goddard, Consciousness is the key to manifesting the life we desire. Consciousness is the awareness of creating our lives WITHIN ourselves rather than the mistake many make of thinking we can control our lives from what is occurring OUTSIDE of us. We are creating our lives every second of the day. Take a quiet moment to reflect on your lives. What are the things, people and circumstances that make up your life? Are you able to relate your current conditions with your inner talk (Consciousness). Are you able to link your lived experiences with your habitual self talk. Are you manifesting what you really want out of life – or are you manifesting what you expect, deep down in your gut?

That place – your gut – is the repository of your innermost feelings and emotions of what you really FEEL about yourself. No matter what you say to the contrary, it is these feeling that will continue to win out. Do you have the idea of life happening OUTSIDE of you? That you are at the ebb and flow of the river of life and its currents. sometimes going with the calm flow and other times being at the mercy of stormy currents, that sweep you totally off course? Or perhaps you feel you are drifting calmly yet aimlessly.

Do you ask yourself, ‘where is my ABUNDANT life’? and ‘what happened to my dreams’? Well how about getting back in control of where you really want to be/do/have? With focus and some determination you can live your life in a more constant ‘flow’ rather than at the mercy of some force outside of yourself.

It’s INSIDE that matters. Consciousness is the only creative force. You are constructing your life from the inside, via your thoughts, imaginings, feelings and emotions. All day, every day, without exception.

Neville suggests focusing on that thing you desire. Whether it be a person, an achievement, a goal, a condition. Hold the desire in your imagination. Make the imagery come to life with deep emotion and visceral feeling.
And create a realistic scene that would indicate your wish is fulfilled. Ask yourself:
‘How would I feel if my wish were fulfilled’? There is your answer. Reflect on this visualization as you relax into it. As often as you like and particularly as you sink into sleep.

As you sink into sleep, you take with you into that altered state the instructions from your conscious mind that is absorbed by your deeper subconscious mind. Whatever your habitual instruction is, your subconscious mind will see to it that your wish is fulfilled. And listen – whether your want them or not. Your super powerful SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is objective when it comes to carrying out your repeated demands and desires. It serves only to bring to your door the very things you most commonly dwell upon. You may not think you desire an unsatisfactory life – but what ARE your frequent thoughts? You may resent not achieving what you think you deserve but examine your thoughts. Where are they? What are they?

Of the many thousands of words the prolific speaker and writer Esther Hicks has written, there are two sentiments that have never left me. These are:
“There is NOTHING that is more important than I FEEL GOOD”, and
“Well meaning is lined up outside your door”!

When you feel good, you are in a positive vibrational state and ABUNDANCE encircles you, waiting to deliver. I think a problem for many is not being able to sustain that state for long periods. Even a complete morning for some, never mind an entire day! This sends mixed messages to the quantum field of energy. In the end, not knowing whether it’s coming or going.

But as I always say – Onwards and Upwards – let’s try our best. Every day.

This is why I urge you to lift your vibrational energy away from what you don’t want by Sending Love Forward. Love yourself and Send Love Forward on an habitual basis. Give GRATITUDE for what you do have and be mindful of your roaming thoughts. Harness them back to what is good, kind and harmonious.

I am Sending Love Forward to all of you right now. To the readers of this blog and to the non-readers. I think that just about covers EVERYONE! Please Send Love Forward. Thank you.

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We Create Our Lives

Most people think that life is what happens outside of them. That they don’t have control of what happens. That what happens to them is a result of outer circumstances. They think that their work, family, the economy, the government, the neighbors, the neighborhood, their health and so on, is outside of them. That all these things have a life of their own that in turn affects us.

How would it be if we could enjoy lives that were more predictable, more pleasing; with less stress and more happiness? How would it be if we could consciously create our lives?! There is another way to live. Each one of us can consciously create the harmonious life they crave.

There is no magic involved here, although often it feels like it. It is by using the power of our thoughts or imagination that we can create the kind of life we only dream of. Many of you will have heard of the power of positive thinking, the Law of Attraction and so on. But this entails more than random daydreaming and occasional fantasies. This way of life requires focused thought that becomes habitual, constructive thought.

We think all day every day anyway, don’t we? With practice and focus, we can all decide to have the lives we really want to live. In any case, our lives are already shaped by the thoughts we think. Each and every one of us is living the lives that each of us has created. Our thoughts are the cause; our lives are the effects. It isn’t luck, good or bad; it isn’t that you weren’t born in the right environment or to the right family. Nothing that affects your life as you see it is caused by anything external. It’s inside that matters.

“You are what you think”. This is the basis of the ‘secret’. And here I’m not just referring to the book/movie of the same name – as much as I admire both for the way it has resurrected knowledge of the ‘Law’, which is as old as mankind. This philosophy is not just about gaining ‘stuff’. While there is nothing wrong with ‘stuff’ – after all – we are here to enjoy life and not live in misery and poverty. I prefer to interpret the meaning of an ‘abundant life’ as a more all round fulfilled life. Material things yes of course, but also abundant health, relationships, spirit. In addition, an abundancy of harmony, peace, forgiveness and doing the right thing by each other.

If you are dissatisfied with your life you CAN change it. Change your present thoughts and you change your life. If this sounds too good to be true, I promise you, it isn’t. It’s perfectly natural. The energy and vibration (vibes), we give out, are returned to us as the lives we experience. The experiences of our everyday, the people in our lives, the situations we find ourselves in are all part of the vibration we have attracted. Habits you wish to change but find difficult to do are also possible to eliminate if you change your vibration, your thoughts. It’s a matter of convincing yourself – or your subconscious mind – that is the key here.

Your super powerful subconscious mind REACTS to the thoughts, emotions and feelings impressed upon it by the conscious mind. It has no opinion or original thought. When an impression of desire fueled by intense feeling is ‘felt’ as ‘true’ by the subconscious, it will move heaven and earth to bring THAT thing to your door. It’s up to YOU to consciously decide what that thing is.

Knowing what we don’t want is a good basis to begin the change. This leads us to knowing what we want. What DO you want? Better health, improved relationships, a different job or career? Where do you see yourself? What are your inner desires and ambitions? What habits would you like to change, what habits would you like to acquire?! Ask yourself these questions and be totally honest with yourself.

What it takes is a commitment to focus your habitual thoughts of lack to habitual thoughts of ABUNDANCE. This leads to a raised level of energy vibration. As you know by reading this blog, one of the ways to raise your quantum energy is to Send Love Forward – as a habit. As you do this, you cannot help but become more mindful, less critical of yourself and those around you and more attractive to the ABUNDANT LIFE you desire.

I will discuss ways in which we are all creating our lives – whether we know it or not; whether we even want the lives we are attracting – or not.

In the meantime as always I am Sending Love Forward to ALL of you, right here in the glorious NOW. The NOW is the only ‘time’ that matters as far as Conscious Creation is concerned 🙂 Thank You.

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Let’s Move On!

In earlier blogs I discussed how Sending Love Forward will assist you in attaining a fundamental energy state in attaining your ABUNDANT life. If you are Sending Love on an habitual basis, rather than the alternative,(if this was a footnote i would add hate/jealousy/envy/UNforgiveness/spite & seething resentment etc); your vibrational level begins to increase and expand. In this way you are Sending Love to yourself (essential), to your nearest and dearest (of course), and also to the wider world. In fact, you must not balk at Sending Love not only to your neighbors, work colleagues, old college friends you cannot abide and family you no longer speak to, but just for the heck of it, Send Love around the world. This will take the blink of an eye, so no need to fuss and stress. Just do it. Believe me, you will reap benefits beyond your ken.

As you Send Love, you receive it from sources you know not of. This is all a very good thing.

I generally advise when out picturing your desires, wants and absolute must-haves, please DO NOT express anxiety or any form of desperate neediness. In a heartbeat, this will send all of the above in the opposite direction. For when you express what you DON’T HAVE… then you WON’T. period. full stop, as we say on the other side of the pond.

Rather, you are advised to IMAGINE (capitals because IMAGINATION is SO CRITICAL/important and absolutely necessary in attaining your ABUNDANT LIFE), that, THAT thing, condition, achievement, relationship, wealth, success… you WANT, you already HAVE. IMAGINE that you are already living in your desired state.

Yes, I know this sounds tricky, but please persevere. You ALL have amazing IMAGINATIONS. Everything you have imagined from an early age (at least early adulthood), you have MANIFESTED into your lives. The lives you are experiencing – right now – are the out-croppings of your vivid IMAGINATIONS. There are no ifs, whats and buts; there are no exceptions to this universal LAW. But you had a miserable childhood. What if I had dyslexia/was dirt poor/my mother was imprisoned and I am from an ‘ethnic’ minority? I might say I tick three of those boxes – but so what? Whatever happened was then. This is NOW. We all need to move on. We need to forgive, forget, bless those who have transgressed against us and importantly, our own transgressions.

If you are in jail serving time, if you abandoned your children or are mean to your parents; if you shop lift as a hobby, the only moment that matters is NOW. I hear your sharp intake of breath. Please calm down. This is the case. There ARE too many people in prison; people beat themselves up as a habit for real or imagined transgressions. NOW is all that matters. Whatever you have done, and despite your entire guilty past. NOW is the moment of your/our, salvation. I’m not kidding. I was born and raised a catholic. I was guilty for loving, hating, feeling good, for ‘sins’ committed as a mere girl. But guess what, that IS NOT the way forward for any of us. Forgive yourself in THIS moment and start afresh from the next. Stop beating yourself up and let’s move on to the ABUNDANT life you desire and deserve. Each and all of you.

First you have your DESIRE. VISUALIZE and AFFIRM your desired state. Preferably as I have outlined in earlier blogs – to the END RESULT that is: your wish fulfilled. EXPECT it to happen. I find expectation and anticipation to super charge good things happening. Some people wake up with dread, a sinking feeling, over things that haven’t even happened yet. It’s a bad habit; try dropping it and give GRATITUDE to what you have as well as to what is to come. Give GRATITUDE as though you already have what you want.

So here we go with a car analogy that occurred to me. I often advise people who tell me that they are trying ‘really hard’ with this Conscious Creation thing, to ‘take their foot off the gas’. They’re trying too hard. I’ll discuss this topic next time in more detail, but for now:

Your car in neutral is thinking about what you WANT, your goal. What IS your desired state? Got it? Good. This is setting your GPS. Move into DRIVE and away you go. Imagine you also have a cruise control. Now the car’s practically driving itself! You’re not going to second guess the GPS and the type of cruise control you are using intuitively brakes as you are in a certain distance of the car in front. Enjoy the view, appreciate your journey and ‘KNOW’ that you are going to arrive safely at your destination.

As always I am Sending Love Forward to all of you in this moment. Life IS beautiful. It’s all about perception, and we can change perception in the very next moment. Thank You.

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