Change Self-Image, Change Your Life

Are you making headway in thinking about what you WANT and turning habitual thoughts away from what you DON’T WANT? It will take a bit of practice, but so does any habit formation. That goes for things that are good for us as well as things that are not! Think about negative self-talk for instance. How long have you been telling yourself that you’re no good at this, that, or the other? Perhaps it’s sticking to healthy eating, or remaining calm with the kids when you feel stressed. Maybe you procrastinate. Putting things off that you know will improve your life – over and over. You’d like to stop being a miserable sour-puss and have more friends, more money, more, ABUNDANCE in general. Perhaps you would rather things go ‘right’ for you for a change, rather than, well… you know.

All of the above are examples of what is known as ‘self-talk’. We talk to ourselves ALL day long. Thing is, our self-talk has a huge impact on our self-image. Our self-image has been built up over years. We’ve told ourselves or as children, others have told us how wonderful or how useless we are. We could have been told just one time by a thoughtless teacher that ‘you’ll be lucky to graduate’… The significance of being told just ONE DAMAGING THING, just ONE TIME is that if something is said with EMOTION and then BELIEVED by our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, we are very likely to absorb it as a ‘fact’. But some of the damaging things that we have absorbed are not FACTS at all. They’re opinions. Opinions generated by yourself or by others. Many of these opinions do not serve you at all. But you are so used to it, the belief has become integral to your identity.

You can end up with not only a self-image that prevents you from seeking the ABUNDANT life you crave, or at best makes it really difficult, but your world view becomes tipped towards disappointment, trials and tribulations.

There is GREAT HOPE for CHANGE. You can begin this very moment to tip the balance of your habitual world view and self image. With a bit of practice and persistence, we can turn these unnecessary thoughts on their heads. We can gradually BECOME the person we WANT TO BE. And gradually EXPERIENCE the ABUNDANT LIFE that we all deserve. Sounds good doesn’t it … but give us a clue how we do that.

Firstly, and as I’ve said all along, Send Love to YOURSELF. Yes, start with being KIND to yourself. Of all the people, things and situations I will suggest you SEND LOVE to – I must insist – for your own benefit – that you start with YOURSELF:)
Give GRATITUDE daily and make it a habit. Start with the air we breath and work on your GRATITUDE from there.

On a very basic level of raising your energy and vibrational level, don’t forget, when you SEND LOVE FORWARD, you are sending THAT VIBRATION to yourself. Yes, others are the recipients, but so are YOU. AND, the more you give GRATITUDE – the MORE you receive things to be GRATEFUL about. Yes! This is all about a constant flow of QUANTUM ENERGY.

Now, I’m going to share with you something here that is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE to the achievement of CHANGING YOUR LIVES and LIVING YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE. This here is one of the KEYS to your success. Keep posted to my blogette and I will be back soon to share this essential KEY with you.

In the meantime, I am SENDING LOVE FORWARD to each and every one of you right in this VERY MOMENT that is the glorious NOW. Please SEND LOVE to someone you don’t know by name, today. Now if you like 🙂 Thank you.

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