Some of my clients tell me that they are practicing Visualizing that thing they desire, infusing their visions with emotion and feeling. That they practice giving Gratitude on a daily basis and that they Send Love to many people, which in turn raises their level of Quantum Vibrational Energy. All necessary for attracting to us the life of ABUNDANCE we want and deserve. But still they wait for that thing they WANT. That thing, that state, that person or attribute. They are getting anxious and impatient; what’s going on?!

Well stop right there. Let’s stop with the anxiety, frustration and loss of hope. All of the above is GREAT! You’re doing everything fine. I’m proud of you, but after saying all that – are you ALLOWING? This may be the step you are missing in Conscious Creation. Please don’t miss it as ALLOWING is essential to manifesting that thing you want.

Being in a state of allowing means that you are aligned with the essence of your desires. Whether you’ve been trying to manifest financial abundance, a relationship, your dream job or improved health, ALLOWING means also FEELING as though you already HAVE it. When you’ve done everything ‘right’ as far as your understanding of the Law of Attraction and that thing you want remains elusive, it is quite normal for us humans to begin to fret… ‘Where is it’?

The moment that begins to happen, we sync OUT of the vibrational match we were making great headway with. And if that happens, our vibrational energy translates into LACK. As in, ‘I want that thing I don’t have’. It is important to realize that our vibration needs to be aligned with having rather than lack.

The lack vibration faithfully delivers to you – more of what you are thinking about.

I realize it sounds ‘tricky’ or even complicated to actually FEEL as though you already HAVE the thing you desire. But with practice, you will get there. You can try practicing for a few minutes once a day (more if you fancy), and IMAGINE yourself being in possession of the focus of your desire. Improved health, a fabulous relationship, financial prosperity – or the millions of other things we humans strive for.

Use your imagination to enable you to FEEL how you will feel as your desire is manifested. If you have difficulty visualizing, be reassured it is not essential as such. Remember, FEELING is the thing. So, feel excited, stoked, enraptured, over the moon! Persist with those feelings and add emotion. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between ‘real’ and imagined feeling or emotion. Rehearse your scenarios daily and with as much excitement and color as you can muster! This is the Art of ALLOWING.

In addition, it is important to recall that it is all about being in the NOW. Our subjective subconscious minds that serve only to obey our demands will bring to your door just what your vibration is focused on at any given time. But the kicker is:
your vibrational energy needs to be focused in THIS MOMENT not a time in the future when you WILL be happy. OR the past when you WERE happy:)

It may seem to be a lot to remember but don’t forget, we are all living the lives we have ourselves created. That is with our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings and this is whether we are thinking Consciously or UN-consciously. The way I see it is if this is the case, we might as well be living the lives we WANT rather than the alternative.

You will get there with persistence. Perhaps try something minor as an ‘experiment’! Last summer I fancied a pair of blue shoes, (I know). I thought to ‘put it out there on my wish list’. And then forgot about it. A couple of weeks later, I was in New York and decided to have a walk of a few blocks. I visited an obscure little boutique and ‘blue shoes’ was the last thing on my mind as I browsed round. I noticed the little store also sold shoes but I wasn’t going to ask as I generally have to purchase my shoes online as I wear a large size. (I know). However, I was prompted to ask – don’t ask me why – and the girl said ‘Yes, I have a pair in your size’. I couldn’t believe it when not only were they a beautiful BLUE, but they fit like a glove! I was happily astonished:)

Yes, a silly example but life’s about FUN too isn’t it?! And it is an example of something small we can all start with.
Build up to the big stuff as you grow in confidence and realization that we are indeed creating our own lives. You could work your way up from blue shoes to a blue car or a house with a blue door! It’s all possible in the wonderful world of Conscious Creation.

In my next blogette I would like to mention another ‘little’ hint that can help you with your manifestations. I’ll be back shortly. In the meantime I am Sending Love to one and ALL in this beautiful moment that is the NOW. Please Send Love Forward and let us count our blessings. Give GRATITUDE. Thank you.

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