Belief Creates the Actual Fact

The philosopher Willian James said the above words over a century ago. The more you believe something about yourself, the more real it becomes. As we know, this includes both negative and positive aspects of ourselves. In my last blog I talked about how a negative self-image not only limits our capabilities and potential, it keeps you away from the ABUNDANT LIFE you deserve.

In order to change our lives, we must change our thoughts. Another term for thoughts is our CONSCIOUSNESS. The things we are CONSCIOUS of are generally focused on an habitual way of thinking about ourselves, our experience of our worlds. Yes, worlds. Don’t you think each of us live in our own individual worlds? The way we perceive life is different to everyone else. I remember my mother saying ‘Oh, she/he’s in a world of their own’. Well, she was right. Life depends on how each individual views it.

Last month I happened to know two friends who were separately visiting the same Caribbean country for a vacation. These individuals do not know each other. One of my friends told me that she found the local people unfriendly towards her and furthermore, she hated to observe the poverty of the island dwellers. She said she would never return to that island. My other friend emailed me to say she was ‘having a ball’. That she was having the most fun on an island she described as ‘paradise’.

Neither of those people are ‘wrong’ in their assumption. The thing is, our perceptions are just that; assumptions. Perceptions about our neighborhoods, our work places, our entire environment and also our perceptions about other people AND ourselves are not set in concrete. We can alter assumptions if we like. Just by changing our CONSCIOUSNESS, our thoughts, our ASSUMPTIONS of how we view life, others and importantly – ourselves.

I did say in my most recent blogette that I wanted to share something with you that can help you make your way towards the ABUNDANT LIFE we all secretly crave. I think it’s a HUGE thing and it will certainly not only make you THINK, it should make you SMILE as well!

It makes me smile anyway:) It’s this:
Our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND cannot tell the difference between what is ‘REAL’ and what is IMAGINED!
I consider this to be absolutely amazing. Why pray tell?

Well if we wish to change or improve our lives we have to start from the INSIDE right? Remember, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Change your inner world and our outer world changes too. Many of us are stuck in a mental rut of our own making. And you can guarantee that if you ‘feel’ you are in a mental rut or bind – your outer world will reflect the same.

If we accept that in order to change our outer world, we need to start with our inner thoughts then here’s a suggestion of how we might start a change.

By a process of AFFIRMATIONS, you can gradually convince your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that you are in a process of change. An AFFIRMATION is a statement you make to yourself that when you say it often enough, you will believe and become that thing, or acquire that quality and so on. In a way, self-talk is an affirmation. Something you’ve repeated to yourself perhaps for years. Not necessarily ‘true’, but you have now become to accept it as such.

So for example if you are sad you can start to say to yourself something along the lines of, ‘Each day I feel happier’, or ‘I love my life’, ‘I am so blessed’. You may not BELIEVE this affirmation initially, but said often enough and with the slow realization that you can possibly believe it… the IMPORTANT thing is:
your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND will begin to pay attention.

When your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND absorbs your affirmation as a belief, you WILL attract like energy vibrations into your own energy field. From there, the only way is UP!
I really do feel that this one thing is a KEY to a world of change. I find it TOTALLY AMAZING! for me, it is a WOW factor we can all use.

Of course the other energy expanding practices are what I say all along here, SEND LOVE FORWARD and feel and express GRATITUDE – every day, as often as you remember. It WILL become a habit. Just as the feelings, qualities and ambitions your repeated AFFIRMATIONS will create more the of life you WANT.

Please bear in mind – as often as you like – you are ALL BEAUTIFUL BEINGS. You are TOTALLY AMAZING SOULS with UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. You are also LOVED. I am SENDING LOVE FORWARD to you for a starters, right THIS MOMENT. Please SEND LOVE FORWARD to fellow travelers TODAY. Thank You.

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