Creating the Life You Want

If we accept that We Create Our Lives with our thoughts, then why is that sometimes we don’t get what we want? I mean if you have been focusing on that specific desire but still no sign – what’s going on? There could be a couple of things happening.

In my last blog (Thoughts Are Things 101) I mentioned that we need to MAKE SURE that we are are focusing on our desired EXPECTATIONS. For example if we wish to lose 10 pounds, what are we focused on? Where ARE our thoughts? If we are thinking, ‘I can’t fit into my favorite trousers’ and ‘I hate being overweight’, or ‘I’ll start that diet tomorrow’… you are on the wrong track. You are thinking of what you DON’T WANT, not what you WANT.

You are in fact only confirming to your powerful, ALWAYS listening and OBEDIENT, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – that you are overweight/you feel fat/your clothes don’t fit. Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND only understands:

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND comprehends not through words so much as through EMOTIONS, IMAGES and FEELINGS. Therefore, the more you FEEL negatively about your present state, the less anything will change.

So what to do?
You could start by loving yourself:) Remember that loving yourself is essential in raising your energy/vibrational level for an Abundant mind-set. This means also loving yourself when you are 10 or 100 pounds overweight.

Remember also that the most important moment is THIS MOMENT, NOW.

Here’s where it comes together.
You cannot expect to achieve THAT THING you want at a time in the FUTURE, when you’re feeling lousy NOW!
THAT THING, (weight loss, new job/partner/life, health, joy and happiness etcetera),

Yes, in this PRESENT MOMENT.

LOVE your body as you are NOW, while imagining your new form.
BE HAPPY and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NOW, before your new job finds you.

You see, it’s all about QUANTUM ENERGY which does not recognize time or space. When we CREATE the thought of joy or happiness for example; it’s not joy or happiness in the FUTURE, it’s right NOW.

The following is an absolutely critical point to ponder:

FEEL that which you WANT TO BE. FEEL & BELIEVE it NOW.
Ignore what is obvious, what we can feel, see and sense with our five senses.
It’s the energy that we CANNOT see with our senses that is THE thing.

This way of thinking might feel a little odd to begin but consider the old adage:

‘I’ll believe it when I see it!’
That’s backwards. We should be saying:

‘I’ll see it when I BELIEVE it!’

So in the example of weight loss, we could of course begin by loving ourselves, but to be more relaxed about the present ‘facts’. And, use your self-talk (something we do all day long), to affirm what we WANT. Try focusing more on what you want as in, ‘I love being at my ideal weight’, and ‘I love my body’.

I shall continue with suggestions and examples in my next blog. Hoping this helps!

In the meantime, I am Sending Love Forward to each and every one of you. I’m pretty sure you are all covered as I just Sent Love round the world in the last two seconds. You have to smile don’t you? Life’s about FUN too. Please Send Love to Yourself and others. Give GRATITUDE every day of your lives. Thank you!

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  1. I am feeling it already! Thank you, Heather, for providing such great examples on how to turn around our thoughts into a higher frequency, so we can attract the things we want! I am going to begin practicing so that it becomes a habit! Sending much love forward to you and all!!

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