Feeling is the Key 2

How are you feeling? What are your feelings? Is your life reflecting what you want or what you feel? I recently stated that, ‘FEELING is critical in drawing to us the ABUNDANT LIFE we all deserve’. It is absolutely essential that in order to attract to us the life we WANT, we fill our minds with images (VISUALIZATION), and desires, that are fueled with emotion and feeling.

In fact, whether we realize it or not, our thoughts ARE filled with EMOTION and FEELING. For some of us though, the thoughts we habitually think cloud our lives with lack, scarcity, fear and everything else we don’t want. The very things we need to turn our attention away from, many of us direct our gaze to. Remember always, let us ignore what we don’t want and focus our full attention on what we WANT.

We communicate to and from our super powerful SUBCONSCIOUS MIND with FEELING and EMOTION. Our subconscious mind brings to us those people, situations and life circumstances we habitually think and feel about. When we accept that we Consciously Create our lives it is advisable to monitor our inner self talk. Wanting one thing, such as a new job or position at work, but believing or FEELING we’ll never get it, or that there are barriers in the way, only gives ONE message to our deeper mind. And it is FEELING blended with EMOTION that wins out every time.

Let us look at that thing you want. What is the most beneficial way to go about it? And why is FEELING in the NOW so critical to the attainment of your desire?

A friend of mine works very hard in her current role in the health industry. She is happy in her job but has her eyes on a more senior role, her ‘dream job’. She is going to continue to work 60 hours a week and hopes in a year or so, she will be able to move up to THAT role she really wants. So far so good. How can this ambitious young woman use Conscious Creation to bring that role nearer, quicker and with more certainty?

Firstly, she can perform her current job as well as she is able. She can be satisfied, industrious and happy in her work in the NOW. Many of us make the mistake of craving that other ‘thing’ and becoming miserable and disillusioned in THIS moment. Even with the best desire and visualization going, this only serves to keep THAT THING we WANT – just out of reach. The Subconscious Mind, linked as it is is with Quantum Energy, has no concept of time. It operates only in the time we see as the NOW. When you become dissatisfied, miserable & lack joy in THIS moment, you are sending the wrong energy/vibration out. You attract to you more circumstances that equal THAT energy! And we don’t want that.

So, what else can this girl do as she looks to the position she desires?

She can fuel her desire with FEELING and EMOTION as she relaxes. Optimum times for this is in the nearest time before sleep and just before completely awakening in the morning. These are the times when the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is naturally more receptive to the communication of our desires.

Using visualization, the young woman might IMAGINE herself sitting at the desk – or in the office she WOULD be sitting at were her desires met. She could IMAGINE her business card; see the outline, TOUCH it in her mind’s eye and see her name AND the desired title of her new role printed out on it. She should FEEL the excitement of running her hand over the card, realizing that her wishes are fulfilled. She could turn to her close friends, partner or parents and tell them with FEELING and EMOTION, ‘I am SO happy! I got the job! This is my dream job’! She could laugh and smile with the joy she WOULD FEEL if her desire was met. She could overhear her manager tell another colleague, how impressed she is and how happy they were that SHE (herself), got the job.

This above scenario is a conjectured VISUALIZATION. You will all have your own touches and imaginings that fuel your own FEELINGS and EMOTIONS for that thing you want.

When repeated with heart felt FEELING and EMOTION, on a regular basis, and critically FELT in the PRESENT moment; it is a mathematical equation that the desired state will be yours. How soon?! That’s the million dollar question. Let’s have a chat about that next time!

In the meantime, I am Sending Love Forward to each and every one of you. This is really the easiest thing you can do in order to raise your own beautiful energy/vibration level and achieve the Abundant Life you deserve. Think on: Feeling is the Key. Thank you.

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