Nothing can do anything for us. Nothing can do anything to us.
We – in our Consciousness – determine everything that happens to us. (Lester Levenson).

Readers of this blog know that my message is how to raise our vibrational or quantum energy in order to experience the lives we desire. When our quantum energy is in sync with all that is in the wider energy field, we attract to ourselves the experiences, people, things and happiness we picture in our inner minds.

I have chosen the expression of Love as a method in which to raise our vibrational energy. Loving ourselves is the first and critical step. How are we to love others if we do not love ourselves? We are all divine, beautiful and eternal beings. In our true eternal state, we are pure love and perfection. The majority of us have lost touch with who we really are, yet we have an inner urge to return to our most powerful and divine source. If we are able to still the wheels of constant thought, we may recognize there is an internal yearning to the re-discovery of who we really are.

Many years ago I used to ask ‘What’s it all about’? I said it more in jest as it became a key phrase amongst my friends. The question has never left me, only now decades later, I have concluded that ‘It’ is about Happiness. I thought about this yesterday as I attempted once again to guide my 10 year old into reflecting more on what she does want rather than what she doesn’t want. I must say my beloved daughter is not the only one – many of us are ready to observe what they don’t want/like, rather than what they DO want/like. It has become habitual to recount the down side rather than the wonderful experience within.

I listened to a friend recently tell how dreadful his flight to his long awaited vacation had been. He told of long waits through security, the rudeness of the ‘worst air crew in history’ (his), and the dreadful taxi journey to his hotel. ‘But how was the vacation’? I asked; ‘oh wonderful’ he smiled. ‘The best vacation I’ve had in years’! Whaaaat?! See what I mean? Why even mention the downside? I can only think it is a habit to demonstrate it’s necessary to take the ‘rough with the smooth’. Er, no it isn’t. Not at all.

You see, when a person takes as much time to reflect on the down as on the ‘up’, they can expect mediocre at best. Why is this?

It is because we attract to us – the things we focus on the most. Whether we want them or not. We are very good at anticipating the worst that can happen or – turning our attention to the glitches that may turn up in an otherwise welcome experience. Just as my friend earlier preferred to vent about the things he didn’t want – enroute to his destination – it does not serve any of us to turn attention to minor (and major), irritations.

It is better to register – briefly – the thing/person/event/experience we don’t want and hadn’t bargained for – and to quickly move on to feelings of what did go right or what we’d prefer to have, do, want and be. Even the things we ‘didn’t want’ (experiences), possess energy that is detrimental to our present experience. When you are holding onto or just recounting previous irritations – think – is THIS energy/vibration, what I really want in my life right now? Invariably, the answer is ‘no’. That’s right, so now turn you thoughts to what you DO want; NOW or forthcoming!

I digress, but this is all linked. ‘Why is happiness the most important thing’, my precious 10 year old wanted to know. I couldn’t make my response too lengthy. There is only so much of the esoteric a restless 10 year old can take before noon. I told her, if you are happy then it stands to reason that everything else in your life has fallen into place. right?! If you’re ill you wouldn’t be happy. If you were depressed and alone – you wouldn’t be happy.. would you? If you lived without hope and money to buy food… Daughter got the message and added, ‘If you were doing a job you dreamed of… you would be happy’; ‘If you had lots of money, you would be happy’… Well just a minute – not necessarily, I said. But by then she was on a roll… ‘If I could hang out with Miley Cyrus I would be happy’… Er, hold on, that’s not quite what I meant dearest daughter… Too late – darling girl skipped off to FaceTime Zoe.

Who can blame her? So much to take in. I’m still taking in all I can and there is so much else.
Sometimes I think, if only someone had attempted to tell me what secrets life held. If only someone had taken a fraction of the interest I have in passing some of what I know now to my own five kids…(and everyone else)! So frustrating, I think ‘let me make it easier for you – life doesn’t have to be so difficult’. Life’s a blast and you – ALL of you out there – can Consciously Create the lives you desire. Would I have listened? Nah, probably not. I’d still want and need to find my own way. But in any case, maybe in retrospect I would have welcomed a nudge.

In my attempt to nudge any of you who are interested, I am Sending Love to each and every one of you in this moment of the blessed NOW, and even to those who couldn’t care less. That should cover the vast majority of you. Please send love forward to your nearest, dearest and to absolute strangers. Give Gratitude regularly (please) for whatever you care to think of – just think is all. Thank You.

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