Let’s Move On!

In earlier blogs I discussed how Sending Love Forward will assist you in attaining a fundamental energy state in attaining your ABUNDANT life. If you are Sending Love on an habitual basis, rather than the alternative,(if this was a footnote i would add hate/jealousy/envy/UNforgiveness/spite & seething resentment etc); your vibrational level begins to increase and expand. In this way you are Sending Love to yourself (essential), to your nearest and dearest (of course), and also to the wider world. In fact, you must not balk at Sending Love not only to your neighbors, work colleagues, old college friends you cannot abide and family you no longer speak to, but just for the heck of it, Send Love around the world. This will take the blink of an eye, so no need to fuss and stress. Just do it. Believe me, you will reap benefits beyond your ken.

As you Send Love, you receive it from sources you know not of. This is all a very good thing.

I generally advise when out picturing your desires, wants and absolute must-haves, please DO NOT express anxiety or any form of desperate neediness. In a heartbeat, this will send all of the above in the opposite direction. For when you express what you DON’T HAVE… then you WON’T. period. full stop, as we say on the other side of the pond.

Rather, you are advised to IMAGINE (capitals because IMAGINATION is SO CRITICAL/important and absolutely necessary in attaining your ABUNDANT LIFE), that, THAT thing, condition, achievement, relationship, wealth, success… you WANT, you already HAVE. IMAGINE that you are already living in your desired state.

Yes, I know this sounds tricky, but please persevere. You ALL have amazing IMAGINATIONS. Everything you have imagined from an early age (at least early adulthood), you have MANIFESTED into your lives. The lives you are experiencing – right now – are the out-croppings of your vivid IMAGINATIONS. There are no ifs, whats and buts; there are no exceptions to this universal LAW. But you had a miserable childhood. What if I had dyslexia/was dirt poor/my mother was imprisoned and I am from an ‘ethnic’ minority? I might say I tick three of those boxes – but so what? Whatever happened was then. This is NOW. We all need to move on. We need to forgive, forget, bless those who have transgressed against us and importantly, our own transgressions.

If you are in jail serving time, if you abandoned your children or are mean to your parents; if you shop lift as a hobby, the only moment that matters is NOW. I hear your sharp intake of breath. Please calm down. This is the case. There ARE too many people in prison; people beat themselves up as a habit for real or imagined transgressions. NOW is all that matters. Whatever you have done, and despite your entire guilty past. NOW is the moment of your/our, salvation. I’m not kidding. I was born and raised a catholic. I was guilty for loving, hating, feeling good, for ‘sins’ committed as a mere girl. But guess what, that IS NOT the way forward for any of us. Forgive yourself in THIS moment and start afresh from the next. Stop beating yourself up and let’s move on to the ABUNDANT life you desire and deserve. Each and all of you.

First you have your DESIRE. VISUALIZE and AFFIRM your desired state. Preferably as I have outlined in earlier blogs – to the END RESULT that is: your wish fulfilled. EXPECT it to happen. I find expectation and anticipation to super charge good things happening. Some people wake up with dread, a sinking feeling, over things that haven’t even happened yet. It’s a bad habit; try dropping it and give GRATITUDE to what you have as well as to what is to come. Give GRATITUDE as though you already have what you want.

So here we go with a car analogy that occurred to me. I often advise people who tell me that they are trying ‘really hard’ with this Conscious Creation thing, to ‘take their foot off the gas’. They’re trying too hard. I’ll discuss this topic next time in more detail, but for now:

Your car in neutral is thinking about what you WANT, your goal. What IS your desired state? Got it? Good. This is setting your GPS. Move into DRIVE and away you go. Imagine you also have a cruise control. Now the car’s practically driving itself! You’re not going to second guess the GPS and the type of cruise control you are using intuitively brakes as you are in a certain distance of the car in front. Enjoy the view, appreciate your journey and ‘KNOW’ that you are going to arrive safely at your destination.

As always I am Sending Love Forward to all of you in this moment. Life IS beautiful. It’s all about perception, and we can change perception in the very next moment. Thank You.

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