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I am a British born woman living in the Bay Area.  I have four children, ages 31 to 10 and a 24 year old step-daughter.  I was born in Manchester, England and lived an ordinary life.  Well if being mixed race in the 1950’s was ordinary, but it wasn’t.  Ordinary for me and my three siblings anyway.  I was brought up roman catholic but lapsed pretty soon after I left home at 18.  No offense.  I was just compelled to expand my mind I suppose. I wanted to explore other religions – without becoming part of another religion mind you.  I have always been interested in what we used to call ‘new age’ stuff.  Meditation, astral travelling, levitation (joking about that last one).  I’ve never levitated.  Not yet anyway.

Like some folk, I’d had a pretty sad upbringing. A paucity of emotion you might say.  But as I left home at that early age, I was intuitively compelled to ‘forgive’.  It just felt right to me.  I think I’d read somewhere that not forgiving and hating a person or persons was toxic.  I believed that hating someone created an inextricable tie.  And I didn’t want to be tied to my father who sad to say, I had hated.  So I decided to not only forgive dad for my miserable childhood, but to bless him and send love.  I suppose that was the foundation of my journey from there to here!  And by the way, just doing that simple thing mentally – liberated me forever.

I am intuitively compelled again.  This time to write and share what I know.  Why? Because I’m excited about life, about the great potential we all have – to enjoy life.  Like many I have had ups and downs. I’ve suffered depression.  I almost thought that was a ‘normal’ state at one time.  I no longer take medication for that condition.  I have thought myself out of it.  Although that is not the subject of my blog, there are some connections that I will discuss.  But here is what I will say right now – when your frame of reference is sending love on an habitual basis – it is not difficult to live a happier life.  I’m sending you all love this moment.

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