The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

How does the Law of Attraction Work?
How soon will THAT thing you dearly want arrive? How soon will your manifestation occur?

The Law of Attraction is at work – ALL the time. EVERY day, EVERY second, EVERY moment of our lives.
The FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that you infuse your present THOUGHTS with are manifested in the lives you live.

How are you FEELING in this moment? THIS moment is the only moment that matters in informing your ‘future’.
Those FEELINGS you have towards a person, thing or circumstance are VIBRATING around you as you read this.
You are ATTRACTING to you the very THINGS you dearly want. What are they?

Let those FEELINGS be those of LOVE, harmony, peace, to whatever you THINK is happening in your life.

Do you crave happiness, success, wealth? Do you desire joy in your life? Perfect health, harmony and beautiful relationships?

The KEY to life is to EMANATE/FEEL, those emotions… NOW. In the only moment that matters.
FEEL that you are walking into that job, that success or position in life. FEEL that the person you are waiting for is about to walk into your open-armed VIBRATION as you excitedly anticipate the very same.

Life is NOT happening to us. We are INFORMING our lives. Right this second.
It’s the other way round my friends. We’re not being swept along by life.
WE are the CAUSE and our experienced lives, the EFFECTS.

Florence Scovel Schinn wrote of the LAW of Attraction in 1920, calling it, ‘The Game of Life and How To Play It’. In that beautiful book, she says it all. When you KNOW how to play this game – that is LIFE – you have cracked the code to your hearts FULFILMENT. Florence is not the only writer of that time, but still a century later, there is a minority of us trying to persuade the majority of you that it is YOU that has the KEY TO LIFE.
It is YOU that has the ability to MANIFEST everything in life you crave, desire, want and imagine.

Sending Love Forward is only one way to raise your vibrational, quantum energy.

Controlling your runaway self talk is another. Match your inner beliefs with your desires.

Aligning what you REALLY WANT with your INNER BELIEFS is perhaps THE most critical.

So, WHEN will THAT thing you WANT, THOSE THINGS you DESIRE so much, manifest?

I will answer that age old question with another.

How sure are you that the sun will rise tomorrow?

When you realize the simple profoundness of that question and you recognize how STRONG your BELIEF is in that fact;
Yes, the Sun WILL Come Out Tomorrow, you have your answer.

You will manifest THAT thing whether it be:
conditions, relationships, job, wealth, success, joy, harmony, health, OPPORTUNITIES … you name it,
when your DESIRE matches your INNER BELIEF.

As you raise your beautiful QUANTUM ENERGY by Sending Love as a habit to all you come across in your journey, you WILL begin to come across the most amazing opportunities. At first you might imagine these are all wonderful COINCIDENCES; little and large. Gradually it will occur to you that this way of living in harmony with your UNIVERSE – IS YOUR LIFE!
Not occasionally, hit and miss. But as a constant, welcoming stream of serendipity. Your life permanently enhanced.

There’s lots to consider. I’ll shut up now. Not before Sending Love Forward to ALL of you. Those I know and the billions (yes! just as easy). Please Send Love to all you come across today. Love flows back to you and with it THAT life you desire. We’re human, I know. Stuff happens. Frustration, Anger, Impatience… But let that pass and get yourself back on the Love track as soon as you can. It’s THIS moment that matters. Thank you.

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Feeling is the Key 2

How are you feeling? What are your feelings? Is your life reflecting what you want or what you feel? I recently stated that, ‘FEELING is critical in drawing to us the ABUNDANT LIFE we all deserve’. It is absolutely essential that in order to attract to us the life we WANT, we fill our minds with images (VISUALIZATION), and desires, that are fueled with emotion and feeling.

In fact, whether we realize it or not, our thoughts ARE filled with EMOTION and FEELING. For some of us though, the thoughts we habitually think cloud our lives with lack, scarcity, fear and everything else we don’t want. The very things we need to turn our attention away from, many of us direct our gaze to. Remember always, let us ignore what we don’t want and focus our full attention on what we WANT.

We communicate to and from our super powerful SUBCONSCIOUS MIND with FEELING and EMOTION. Our subconscious mind brings to us those people, situations and life circumstances we habitually think and feel about. When we accept that we Consciously Create our lives it is advisable to monitor our inner self talk. Wanting one thing, such as a new job or position at work, but believing or FEELING we’ll never get it, or that there are barriers in the way, only gives ONE message to our deeper mind. And it is FEELING blended with EMOTION that wins out every time.

Let us look at that thing you want. What is the most beneficial way to go about it? And why is FEELING in the NOW so critical to the attainment of your desire?

A friend of mine works very hard in her current role in the health industry. She is happy in her job but has her eyes on a more senior role, her ‘dream job’. She is going to continue to work 60 hours a week and hopes in a year or so, she will be able to move up to THAT role she really wants. So far so good. How can this ambitious young woman use Conscious Creation to bring that role nearer, quicker and with more certainty?

Firstly, she can perform her current job as well as she is able. She can be satisfied, industrious and happy in her work in the NOW. Many of us make the mistake of craving that other ‘thing’ and becoming miserable and disillusioned in THIS moment. Even with the best desire and visualization going, this only serves to keep THAT THING we WANT – just out of reach. The Subconscious Mind, linked as it is is with Quantum Energy, has no concept of time. It operates only in the time we see as the NOW. When you become dissatisfied, miserable & lack joy in THIS moment, you are sending the wrong energy/vibration out. You attract to you more circumstances that equal THAT energy! And we don’t want that.

So, what else can this girl do as she looks to the position she desires?

She can fuel her desire with FEELING and EMOTION as she relaxes. Optimum times for this is in the nearest time before sleep and just before completely awakening in the morning. These are the times when the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is naturally more receptive to the communication of our desires.

Using visualization, the young woman might IMAGINE herself sitting at the desk – or in the office she WOULD be sitting at were her desires met. She could IMAGINE her business card; see the outline, TOUCH it in her mind’s eye and see her name AND the desired title of her new role printed out on it. She should FEEL the excitement of running her hand over the card, realizing that her wishes are fulfilled. She could turn to her close friends, partner or parents and tell them with FEELING and EMOTION, ‘I am SO happy! I got the job! This is my dream job’! She could laugh and smile with the joy she WOULD FEEL if her desire was met. She could overhear her manager tell another colleague, how impressed she is and how happy they were that SHE (herself), got the job.

This above scenario is a conjectured VISUALIZATION. You will all have your own touches and imaginings that fuel your own FEELINGS and EMOTIONS for that thing you want.

When repeated with heart felt FEELING and EMOTION, on a regular basis, and critically FELT in the PRESENT moment; it is a mathematical equation that the desired state will be yours. How soon?! That’s the million dollar question. Let’s have a chat about that next time!

In the meantime, I am Sending Love Forward to each and every one of you. This is really the easiest thing you can do in order to raise your own beautiful energy/vibration level and achieve the Abundant Life you deserve. Think on: Feeling is the Key. Thank you.

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See, Feel, Appreciate, Allow, Trust


...and the trees 1

I’m writing this blog from one of the most abundant places on the planet. The garden island of Kauai.

The flowers, fauna, palm trees of many descriptions are out of this world. The majestic Pacific Ocean, Waterfalls and rain forest interior are magical. The green covered, verdant, mountains are atmospheric of untold and ancient secrets.

I feel overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty of this timeless environment.

I want to share with you a way that increases and expands your capacity for ABUNDANCE.

Firstly, SEE and recognize that we exist as part of nature. Then look towards everything and anything that exists IN nature that captures your imagination. See how it blooms, grows and expands without effort. Recognize how gloriously rich, abundant and magnificent our earth is. And by association – YOU.

View the enormity of the oceans, lakes & seas. The expanse of the infinite stars in the sky and the wonder of the Sun that sends warmth and illumination to each of us, the world over.

FEEL how ABUNDANT is the focus of your attention. Breathe in the ABUNDANCE as energy that you can integrate with your own loving vibration.

And of course! Give gratitude as many times as you like. Send Love and Gratitude. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself as an integral part of this ABUNDANT nature.

Breathe deeply again and think about your wishes and desires for your ABUNDANT lives.

ALLOW your desires to flow out into this amazing, embracing, fertile Universe. ALLOW yourself to become part of this Universe that you actually, ALREADY ARE!

And as you ALLOW; as you surrender your wishes and desires, FEEL it as already done. For this moment that is the sacred NOW, release your anxiety, worry and apprehension.

TRUST and BELIEVE in the natural energy of our Universe. Trust and Believe in your OWN natural energy.

From Kauai I am Sending Love Forward to each and everyone of you. Please send it on. You know how. Mahalo.

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FEELING is the Key

There is more to an ABUNDANT LIFE than ‘positive thinking’. It takes just a little more than sitting back and wishing on a star to achieve your desires. I often hear, ‘Oh but it’s too much like hard work’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’, or even ‘It’s alright for you – you’re just lucky’. Well, in a way I suppose I am. Because the more I focus on what I WANT rather than what I DON’T want; the more I am consciously directing my thought patterns; the more I deliberately Send Love Forward in order to raise my quantum energy – YES – the luckier I get!

But so can YOU. It’s all a matter of persisting in the habit of all those things. BECAUSE…. we think ALL THE TIME anyway! Whether we believe it or not – all of us are creating our lives – each and every day. So we might as well develop new habits that will bring our desires within easier reach.

Let us throw into the mix GRATITUDE of course. The more you offer gratitude, the more you will be grateful for. It really is as simple as it sounds. As I’ve said, it’s all ENERGY and VIBRATION. Cause (our thoughts) and Effects (our lived lives).

Instead of responding to whatever life dishes out we need to realize that life is dishing out the results of our own thought creation!

So, ok, what else can we do to manifest what we want? What do I mean when I suggest that FEELING is the KEY? Perhaps I should add to Feeling, IMAGINATION.

Let me put it this way. Even if many of us create our lives UN-Consciously, we all dream. We day-dream, we have internal conversations with ourselves and others, we imagine how we would like our life to be, we visualize other possibilities. The majority of our thinking process become strong emotional beliefs that anchors us to the very things we DON’T want.

As we come to the realization that we are CONSCIOUS CREATORS of our lives we can begin to turn our attention away from the things we don’t want. We can use our highly charged FEELINGS to IMAGINE what we DO WANT. And as we place those images in our minds, we need to FEEL the favorable outcome.

A friend of mine has returned to school. She is facing final examinations and tests. I advised her to turn her thoughts AWAY from the ‘HOW’ of achieving her desired result, but to jump to the end outcome. I asked her how she would FEEL when she hears she has passed with flying colors. Her eyes lit up as she announced ‘Ecstatic’!

Bingo! That is what I’m talking about! When we FEEL the actual feelings of our fulfilled wish, it creates a strong emotional message that if felt often enough, will have a very particular effect on our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. When THAT thing (you decide) is felt often enough, and in GRAPHIC, EMOTIONAL, VISCERAL detail – there can be only ONE conclusion.
Your Wishes Fulfilled.

Remember darlings, our SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS deliver to you the things you think about most – whether you want them or not. Our subconscious is many times more powerful than our rational, decisive CONSCIOUS mind (some say 90% more), but it does not question the instruction of the conscious mind. It serves only to attract what it FEELS.

I shall continue to discuss how FEELING is critical in drawing to us the ABUNDANT LIFE we all deserve. And how feeling in this moment we call the NOW is even more essential. Why? I’ll tell you next time.

In the meantime, ‘Think On’, as my mum used to say. Please continue to Send Love Forward at least a few times a day! Even to that complete stranger you couldn’t imagine talking to. You’re going to be amazed at the benefits Sending Love Forward will bring, gradually, into your beautiful lives. Drench YOURSELF in Love too. I am Sending Love Forward to ALL of you right this second. Thank you.

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Belief Creates the Actual Fact

The philosopher Willian James said the above words over a century ago. The more you believe something about yourself, the more real it becomes. As we know, this includes both negative and positive aspects of ourselves. In my last blog I talked about how a negative self-image not only limits our capabilities and potential, it keeps you away from the ABUNDANT LIFE you deserve.

In order to change our lives, we must change our thoughts. Another term for thoughts is our CONSCIOUSNESS. The things we are CONSCIOUS of are generally focused on an habitual way of thinking about ourselves, our experience of our worlds. Yes, worlds. Don’t you think each of us live in our own individual worlds? The way we perceive life is different to everyone else. I remember my mother saying ‘Oh, she/he’s in a world of their own’. Well, she was right. Life depends on how each individual views it.

Last month I happened to know two friends who were separately visiting the same Caribbean country for a vacation. These individuals do not know each other. One of my friends told me that she found the local people unfriendly towards her and furthermore, she hated to observe the poverty of the island dwellers. She said she would never return to that island. My other friend emailed me to say she was ‘having a ball’. That she was having the most fun on an island she described as ‘paradise’.

Neither of those people are ‘wrong’ in their assumption. The thing is, our perceptions are just that; assumptions. Perceptions about our neighborhoods, our work places, our entire environment and also our perceptions about other people AND ourselves are not set in concrete. We can alter assumptions if we like. Just by changing our CONSCIOUSNESS, our thoughts, our ASSUMPTIONS of how we view life, others and importantly – ourselves.

I did say in my most recent blogette that I wanted to share something with you that can help you make your way towards the ABUNDANT LIFE we all secretly crave. I think it’s a HUGE thing and it will certainly not only make you THINK, it should make you SMILE as well!

It makes me smile anyway:) It’s this:
Our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND cannot tell the difference between what is ‘REAL’ and what is IMAGINED!
I consider this to be absolutely amazing. Why pray tell?

Well if we wish to change or improve our lives we have to start from the INSIDE right? Remember, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Change your inner world and our outer world changes too. Many of us are stuck in a mental rut of our own making. And you can guarantee that if you ‘feel’ you are in a mental rut or bind – your outer world will reflect the same.

If we accept that in order to change our outer world, we need to start with our inner thoughts then here’s a suggestion of how we might start a change.

By a process of AFFIRMATIONS, you can gradually convince your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that you are in a process of change. An AFFIRMATION is a statement you make to yourself that when you say it often enough, you will believe and become that thing, or acquire that quality and so on. In a way, self-talk is an affirmation. Something you’ve repeated to yourself perhaps for years. Not necessarily ‘true’, but you have now become to accept it as such.

So for example if you are sad you can start to say to yourself something along the lines of, ‘Each day I feel happier’, or ‘I love my life’, ‘I am so blessed’. You may not BELIEVE this affirmation initially, but said often enough and with the slow realization that you can possibly believe it… the IMPORTANT thing is:
your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND will begin to pay attention.

When your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND absorbs your affirmation as a belief, you WILL attract like energy vibrations into your own energy field. From there, the only way is UP!
I really do feel that this one thing is a KEY to a world of change. I find it TOTALLY AMAZING! for me, it is a WOW factor we can all use.

Of course the other energy expanding practices are what I say all along here, SEND LOVE FORWARD and feel and express GRATITUDE – every day, as often as you remember. It WILL become a habit. Just as the feelings, qualities and ambitions your repeated AFFIRMATIONS will create more the of life you WANT.

Please bear in mind – as often as you like – you are ALL BEAUTIFUL BEINGS. You are TOTALLY AMAZING SOULS with UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. You are also LOVED. I am SENDING LOVE FORWARD to you for a starters, right THIS MOMENT. Please SEND LOVE FORWARD to fellow travelers TODAY. Thank You.

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Change Self-Image, Change Your Life

Are you making headway in thinking about what you WANT and turning habitual thoughts away from what you DON’T WANT? It will take a bit of practice, but so does any habit formation. That goes for things that are good for us as well as things that are not! Think about negative self-talk for instance. How long have you been telling yourself that you’re no good at this, that, or the other? Perhaps it’s sticking to healthy eating, or remaining calm with the kids when you feel stressed. Maybe you procrastinate. Putting things off that you know will improve your life – over and over. You’d like to stop being a miserable sour-puss and have more friends, more money, more, ABUNDANCE in general. Perhaps you would rather things go ‘right’ for you for a change, rather than, well… you know.

All of the above are examples of what is known as ‘self-talk’. We talk to ourselves ALL day long. Thing is, our self-talk has a huge impact on our self-image. Our self-image has been built up over years. We’ve told ourselves or as children, others have told us how wonderful or how useless we are. We could have been told just one time by a thoughtless teacher that ‘you’ll be lucky to graduate’… The significance of being told just ONE DAMAGING THING, just ONE TIME is that if something is said with EMOTION and then BELIEVED by our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, we are very likely to absorb it as a ‘fact’. But some of the damaging things that we have absorbed are not FACTS at all. They’re opinions. Opinions generated by yourself or by others. Many of these opinions do not serve you at all. But you are so used to it, the belief has become integral to your identity.

You can end up with not only a self-image that prevents you from seeking the ABUNDANT life you crave, or at best makes it really difficult, but your world view becomes tipped towards disappointment, trials and tribulations.

There is GREAT HOPE for CHANGE. You can begin this very moment to tip the balance of your habitual world view and self image. With a bit of practice and persistence, we can turn these unnecessary thoughts on their heads. We can gradually BECOME the person we WANT TO BE. And gradually EXPERIENCE the ABUNDANT LIFE that we all deserve. Sounds good doesn’t it … but give us a clue how we do that.

Firstly, and as I’ve said all along, Send Love to YOURSELF. Yes, start with being KIND to yourself. Of all the people, things and situations I will suggest you SEND LOVE to – I must insist – for your own benefit – that you start with YOURSELF:)
Give GRATITUDE daily and make it a habit. Start with the air we breath and work on your GRATITUDE from there.

On a very basic level of raising your energy and vibrational level, don’t forget, when you SEND LOVE FORWARD, you are sending THAT VIBRATION to yourself. Yes, others are the recipients, but so are YOU. AND, the more you give GRATITUDE – the MORE you receive things to be GRATEFUL about. Yes! This is all about a constant flow of QUANTUM ENERGY.

Now, I’m going to share with you something here that is of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE to the achievement of CHANGING YOUR LIVES and LIVING YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE. This here is one of the KEYS to your success. Keep posted to my blogette and I will be back soon to share this essential KEY with you.

In the meantime, I am SENDING LOVE FORWARD to each and every one of you right in this VERY MOMENT that is the glorious NOW. Please SEND LOVE to someone you don’t know by name, today. Now if you like 🙂 Thank you.

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Think About What You WANT

In my last blog I discussed how it is far better to turn our thoughts away from what we DON’T WANT and focus more each day on what we WANT.

Try being aware of our habitual self-talk. We all do it. All the time. What were you thinking first thing this morning? Usually we see the day ahead with an imaginary list of things to do, places to go, people to see. But what are we saying to ourselves?
Quite often we beat ourselves up mentally. We criticize what we haven’t done, or what we SHOULD have done on that imaginary list. We frown to ourselves and fret about our bodies, our bad habits. We focus on what’s wrong rather than what’s right.

We focus on the LACKS in our lives. Perhaps the material lacks; we’d like a home of our own, a new car, a vacation. Maybe our relationships are in lack. Can’t seem to meet Mr or Mrs Right; or the one we have is … sadly lacking. Our family relationships are messed up and we hate our mother/father/sister/brother or that idiot brother-in-law. That person at work you have to deal with every day is a moron and you could do your bosses job far better than them. Now the traffic is at a standstill and you’re late. You think WHY are there so many fools on the road; if only they’d get out of your way. If only the world would get out of your way. grrrrrhhhh!

HOLD ON A MINUTE. If you do recognize any of the above thoughts – or reflect on your own lack perspective, it’s YOU who are in YOUR OWN WAY. Can’t seem to get ahead?
You need to get out of your own way. YOU are blocking your own abundance by this habitual mind-set of lack.

Let’s think about what we CAN DO to recalibrate this negative and damaging (to yourself), mind-set.

For a starters, in the moments after waking and before placing your feet on the ground you COULD say. ‘Thank you for this beautiful day’. Even if this is what you DON’T THINK or FEEL, I want you to give it a go. Remember, giving GRATITUDE and SENDING LOVE FORWARD, are simple ways to raise our energy and vibrational levels. This is the whole thing i’m getting at and the reason for this blog.

Take another moment to practice a couple of deep breaths. As you pass the bathroom mirror, remind yourself you are wonderful and loved. Smile and relax as best as you can.

Listen, I ABSOLUTELY know that changing our everyday habits feels weird to begin with, but with persistent practice, you WILL get there. I had to do it myself some time ago. Yes, it was an effort. I didn’t have overnight success. Nobody does. But gradually, and with persistence, I have developed a habit of controlling my thoughts. ALL the time? No, of course not. I’m human! But I’m trying to say for the MOST part I do try to focus on what i WANT, rather than what I DON’T WANT.

And critically, I do try to bring myself to the NOW when I feel my thoughts drift to what SHOULD be or what I haven’t done and should do, and so on.
Yesterday morning I got myself into a bit of a tizzy. I had SO much to do that I didn’t want to do any of it! Do you ever get that feeling?!

So what did I do? I recognized that if I continued thinking about what I DIDN’T want, my day was going to spiral out of my own control. I began by Sending Love to the situation. Yes, I Send Love to situations as well as people! It’s VIBRATION after all, remember? I told myself, ‘I am loved’ and I smiled in the mirror. In fact I had a little laugh to myself as I often do because life’s so bloody ridiculous sometimes isn’t it?

Anyhow, I had a little chat with my SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Do you recall that I have told you that our super powerful SUBCONSCIOUS (or INNER MIND), KNOWS EVERYTHING about us personally & can help us with ANYTHING we ‘ALLOW’ it to? So I said something like, ‘Mind, I have SO much to do today. and I need your help in getting through. I’d like everything to run smoothly if you can help’. After each ‘tick off my mental list’, I would THANK ‘mind’. I had a safe travel, I encountered pleasant folk on my errands – ALWAYS a good sign we are going ‘with the flow’ by the way! My son showed up to help with a couple of heavy chores. The kids returned from school in good moods & my visitors turned up looking forward to the great meal I’d produced. There was food enough for NINE people; even the two extra visitors (my 19yr old and his hungry pal). We arrived at 7th Grader’s musical on time and what a wonderful evening.

I MADE it! And so can ALL OF YOU! I’m going to share with you more of how we can use the immense power of our SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS in each and every aspect of our lives.
And by the way whatever our mind-set – our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND accommodates ALL our wants, desires and EXPECTATIONS. Whether we want them or not.

Sending Love Forward to each and every one of you. Please Send Love Forward. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS my darlings. Think about what you WANT. Thank you.

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Creating the Life You Want

If we accept that We Create Our Lives with our thoughts, then why is that sometimes we don’t get what we want? I mean if you have been focusing on that specific desire but still no sign – what’s going on? There could be a couple of things happening.

In my last blog (Thoughts Are Things 101) I mentioned that we need to MAKE SURE that we are are focusing on our desired EXPECTATIONS. For example if we wish to lose 10 pounds, what are we focused on? Where ARE our thoughts? If we are thinking, ‘I can’t fit into my favorite trousers’ and ‘I hate being overweight’, or ‘I’ll start that diet tomorrow’… you are on the wrong track. You are thinking of what you DON’T WANT, not what you WANT.

You are in fact only confirming to your powerful, ALWAYS listening and OBEDIENT, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – that you are overweight/you feel fat/your clothes don’t fit. Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND only understands:

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND comprehends not through words so much as through EMOTIONS, IMAGES and FEELINGS. Therefore, the more you FEEL negatively about your present state, the less anything will change.

So what to do?
You could start by loving yourself:) Remember that loving yourself is essential in raising your energy/vibrational level for an Abundant mind-set. This means also loving yourself when you are 10 or 100 pounds overweight.

Remember also that the most important moment is THIS MOMENT, NOW.

Here’s where it comes together.
You cannot expect to achieve THAT THING you want at a time in the FUTURE, when you’re feeling lousy NOW!
THAT THING, (weight loss, new job/partner/life, health, joy and happiness etcetera),

Yes, in this PRESENT MOMENT.

LOVE your body as you are NOW, while imagining your new form.
BE HAPPY and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NOW, before your new job finds you.

You see, it’s all about QUANTUM ENERGY which does not recognize time or space. When we CREATE the thought of joy or happiness for example; it’s not joy or happiness in the FUTURE, it’s right NOW.

The following is an absolutely critical point to ponder:

FEEL that which you WANT TO BE. FEEL & BELIEVE it NOW.
Ignore what is obvious, what we can feel, see and sense with our five senses.
It’s the energy that we CANNOT see with our senses that is THE thing.

This way of thinking might feel a little odd to begin but consider the old adage:

‘I’ll believe it when I see it!’
That’s backwards. We should be saying:

‘I’ll see it when I BELIEVE it!’

So in the example of weight loss, we could of course begin by loving ourselves, but to be more relaxed about the present ‘facts’. And, use your self-talk (something we do all day long), to affirm what we WANT. Try focusing more on what you want as in, ‘I love being at my ideal weight’, and ‘I love my body’.

I shall continue with suggestions and examples in my next blog. Hoping this helps!

In the meantime, I am Sending Love Forward to each and every one of you. I’m pretty sure you are all covered as I just Sent Love round the world in the last two seconds. You have to smile don’t you? Life’s about FUN too. Please Send Love to Yourself and others. Give GRATITUDE every day of your lives. Thank you!

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Thoughts Are Things 101

A couple of blogettes ago, I wrote a blog (What Are You Thinking)?. I commented,
When we FEEL what we believe is TRUE about ourselves, whether it IS actually true or NOT, our powerful subconscious believes it and subsequently – as like attracting like – brings circumstances to our door that ‘satisfy’ the belief.

But what if that feeling or belief is NOT what we truly want? What if what we WANT doesn’t manifest in our lives? What’s going on? I also mentioned that very often, ‘We DON’T get what we WANT out of life, we get what we EXPECT’.

Well here’s the thing. It is our immensely powerful Subconscious Mind that brings to us – the things we want. However, and here’s the crunch, we are often in TWO minds as to what we really WANT. We may WANT to lose 20 pounds but we may ALSO BELIEVE that we have tried every diet under the sun and our stronger belief is, ‘Diets don’t work for me. It’s hopeless. I’ll never lose weight; my whole family have weight problems’. We may want to stop smoking but we might believe, ‘smoking helps me de-stress. I’m now addicted to cigarettes and in any case, I don’t smoke that much.. (but I’d really like to stop… if I could’). or, ‘I’m depressed. I can’t cope without my medication. My mother and her sister were depressed too. It’s in the family’. Fill in the gaps for whatever negative habit, condition, state, you are in… and your Subconscious Mind will bring it to your door.

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, as powerful as it is – some estimates state that the Subconscious is 90% more powerful than our Conscious mind = does NOT argue with our inner beliefs. If we say we are hopeless, depressed and broke, our Subconscious minds will bring every situation and symptom of that belief – to our door. The Subconscious does not argue or have an opinion. It serves to OBEY the DOMINANT, CONSCIOUS mind.

Conversely, when we say, ‘I am happy, or successful, wealthy, or a Rock Star. Your Subconscious mind will MOVE HEAVEN & EARTH to bring your belief, high or low – to your door.

So, what are we waiting for? WHY aren’t we all of the above? We want to be healthy, wealthy, successful, live in the house of our dreams, meet mr/mrs right, and well, what do you WANT?

The thing is we must be PERSISTENT in our desires. Our affirmations, visualizations, and wants. We need to MAKE SURE that we are are focusing on our desired EXPECTATIONS.

A while ago I counseled a friend of mine who was struggling in her business. I went over how necessary it was to CHANGE her thoughts, her consciousness. From a failure mindset, to that of success.

Hey! I get it! I’ve been there myself. When we are used to thinking in a ‘certain way’, it IS an EFFORT to think otherwise. Exchanging one’s thoughts of ‘poor me; everything is against me; life sucks’ to those of, ‘I am grateful’, ‘I love my life’ and ‘I AM successful/wealthy/happy/am prepared to meet my soul mate…’; whatever it IS, IS an effort.
CHANGING HABITS takeS effort and a bit of time. How long was it anyway, to create that HABIT?!

Anyhow to continue with this story. I got my friend ‘on board’ with how changing her conscious thoughts would change her life and her business. She totally ‘got it’. A few days later I called her to check in. ‘How are things going’? I asked excitedly. ‘Oh’ she said, ‘I can’t be bothered with all that. It’s too much trouble’. I was so surprised that I laughed. In fact, we laughed together. She went on to say, It’s too much like hard work and I’ll just deal with the way things are’. Nuff said and what more could I say? Nothing.

YES, changing the way you THINK and FEEL may be more work than you’re used to – INITIALLY. But if you really GET that WE Create Our Lives, not just a little bit, or the odd occasion, but EVERY SINGLE SECOND THAT WE EXIST, then a little effort is worth it.

Do you think it is worth making a little effort if it will cCHANGE YOUR LIFE? There is only ONE answer. That’s right. YES, it is ABSOLUTELY worth your effort.

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS people. When you say you CAN, (DO, HAVE, BE what you want), then it is a MATHEMATICAL equation, that you CAN. When you say you CAN’T; guess what? That’s right, you won’t.

Ok, so HOW do we Create Our Lives With Our Thoughts? What must we do to change our current situations (our EXPECTED circumstances), to those of the lives we really WANT? If you HAVE the desire and want, what more do you need to do?

Hang about, I’m going to tell you.

In the meantime, continue Sending Love Forward on a regular basis. WHY? Because Sending Love raises your ENERGY and VIBRATIONAL level. These are the CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS of your ABUNDANT Lives. Continue giving GRATITUDE in your daily lives for the same reasons. Start with how your Subconscious Mind controls ALL of your bodily functions, for a starter. Give thanks. Then look outside your door at nature to continue.

GRATITUDE is a KEY COMPONENT of your ABUNDANT and MANIFESTED Lives. Please trust me in this. Consider also your Generosity. Sure, you can give materially if you have, but you can also give your INTENT, which includes your love, your kind heart, your wishes of well being to the Other. As you give, you receive. What a thought!

I am Sending Love to You in THIS MOMENT. You are ALL Beautiful, Creative, Eternal Beings.
Thank You.

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Send Love Forward Today

This blog is about Sending Love Forward and expressing Gratitude every day. There is nothing prescriptive about this; you do it as often as YOU choose. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to raise your energy and vibration, which in turn aids you in Manifesting the Abundant Life you aspire to. A healthy Abundant Life is Material, Emotional and Spiritual. YES, you can and should have it all!

Just over a year ago I wrote a Manifesto. I didn’t publish it, I wrote it for myself and shared it with friends. I said, ‘Let’s start a Love Movement’. This blog is the beginning of that Love Movement I had in mind. I was reminded of this one day not too long ago, as I drove into San Francisco.

I drove off the ramp at the 101 heading towards the Castro, As usual there was a slow line of traffic that halted at the single stop light. Several cars ahead I spotted a young man begging at the stop light. This is not an unusual sight in San Francisco. I scrambled around looking for a bill to hand to the guy. At that moment he turned away, shoulders down turned and heading in the opposite direction. ‘Oh’ I thought, ‘that’s a shame’. And i tried to ‘gently’ bib my car horn. By now I was only three cars away from the stop light. The man looked behind him and it turns out the woman in the car in front of me had a similar idea and was waving a bill out of her window! The man ran back to her and took the bill. ‘Oh darn, I thought’ as he retreated again. so I bibbed again. (Yes, I know):-\

This time he ran back to me. Yes, it was his lucky day! But it was MY lucky day too. As he approached I observed that he was a young man in his mid-twenties. Shabbily dressed with a really sad demeanor. He took my bill and I smiled to him. I noticed he had a sallow complexion with what appeared to be sores over his face. The lad was in bad shape.

He paused at the side of my car as as he took the bill and thanked me. I’d expected to hand him the bill and drive away. However the stop light remained on red. I looked at him and asked his name. He replied ‘Eli’. I asked ‘How are you today Eli?’. He said with a terribly sad face, ‘I’m not doing well today’ and shook his head. Who do we know who tells you how they are really feeling? It threw me really. In a split second my Love Manifesto rushed into my head and I thought, ‘What are you waiting for Heather?’.

I looked up at Eli from my comfortable car seat and said. ‘Do you know you are loved?’. Eli looked at me and said, ‘I really appreciate that’. The light changed to green but the traffic remained stationary. Eli and I remained locked in that moment. I then said, ‘I am Sending You Loads of Love Right Now’. Eli’s eyes filled up, he didn’t say anything. The stop light turned to red.

I was then compelled to say, ‘I Love You Eli’. Eli sort of shook his head and mumbled ‘Thank you’. The light changed green and now the traffic flowed. We looked at each other one last time; I smiled with HEARTFELT LOVE and I drove away.

I cannot tell you how powerful that brief interaction meant to me. As I continued my journey I felt an overwhelming sensation of Love AND Gratitude. Gratitude for having that solitary opportunity. I’d never told a complete stranger they were Loved. Not verbally anyway. I SEND LOVE silently. All the time. It’s my HABIT. A Habit that has raised my energy/vibration much higher than it has ever been. I thought about Eli. What is his story, what had brought him to those streets? I still think about him. It was one of my most Powerful experiences of Sending Love to a stranger.

What I’d said to Eli was not contrived. I hadn’t planned to say what I did. It just happened. I’m not advocating we all do that, (although you COULD if you felt like it). My HOPE is that you are Sending Love Forward, at least mentally. In a Flash, in a Whoosh, in a split second to as MANY people as you like. As a daily Habit. I stepped out of my own comfort box that day. I’d just expected to hand a bill to a sad guy at the side of the road AND of course to Send him Love.

Perhaps you can step out of your comfort zone and just as an example, Send Love Forward to someone you have been having difficulties with. Now, recently, or in your Past. Perhaps you can Send Love to someone who is being a Pain (!) at the DVC, in your place of work, or in traffic! Maybe you can Send Love to someone you never thought you could forgive? A friend, a family member. Maybe you will Send Love Forward, just because you feel like it.

Remember too, when we Send Love Forward, we’re also Sending Love to ourselves. Yes. Love comes back at you like a boomerang. Think about it, Would you really want the alternative?

I am Sending Love Forward to ALL of you in this moment. Please Send it Forward. Thank you.

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