See, Feel, Appreciate, Allow, Trust


...and the trees 1

I’m writing this blog from one of the most abundant places on the planet. The garden island of Kauai.

The flowers, fauna, palm trees of many descriptions are out of this world. The majestic Pacific Ocean, Waterfalls and rain forest interior are magical. The green covered, verdant, mountains are atmospheric of untold and ancient secrets.

I feel overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty of this timeless environment.

I want to share with you a way that increases and expands your capacity for ABUNDANCE.

Firstly, SEE and recognize that we exist as part of nature. Then look towards everything and anything that exists IN nature that captures your imagination. See how it blooms, grows and expands without effort. Recognize how gloriously rich, abundant and magnificent our earth is. And by association – YOU.

View the enormity of the oceans, lakes & seas. The expanse of the infinite stars in the sky and the wonder of the Sun that sends warmth and illumination to each of us, the world over.

FEEL how ABUNDANT is the focus of your attention. Breathe in the ABUNDANCE as energy that you can integrate with your own loving vibration.

And of course! Give gratitude as many times as you like. Send Love and Gratitude. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself as an integral part of this ABUNDANT nature.

Breathe deeply again and think about your wishes and desires for your ABUNDANT lives.

ALLOW your desires to flow out into this amazing, embracing, fertile Universe. ALLOW yourself to become part of this Universe that you actually, ALREADY ARE!

And as you ALLOW; as you surrender your wishes and desires, FEEL it as already done. For this moment that is the sacred NOW, release your anxiety, worry and apprehension.

TRUST and BELIEVE in the natural energy of our Universe. Trust and Believe in your OWN natural energy.

From Kauai I am Sending Love Forward to each and everyone of you. Please send it on. You know how. Mahalo.

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