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This blog is about Sending Love Forward and expressing Gratitude every day. There is nothing prescriptive about this; you do it as often as YOU choose. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to raise your energy and vibration, which in turn aids you in Manifesting the Abundant Life you aspire to. A healthy Abundant Life is Material, Emotional and Spiritual. YES, you can and should have it all!

Just over a year ago I wrote a Manifesto. I didn’t publish it, I wrote it for myself and shared it with friends. I said, ‘Let’s start a Love Movement’. This blog is the beginning of that Love Movement I had in mind. I was reminded of this one day not too long ago, as I drove into San Francisco.

I drove off the ramp at the 101 heading towards the Castro, As usual there was a slow line of traffic that halted at the single stop light. Several cars ahead I spotted a young man begging at the stop light. This is not an unusual sight in San Francisco. I scrambled around looking for a bill to hand to the guy. At that moment he turned away, shoulders down turned and heading in the opposite direction. ‘Oh’ I thought, ‘that’s a shame’. And i tried to ‘gently’ bib my car horn. By now I was only three cars away from the stop light. The man looked behind him and it turns out the woman in the car in front of me had a similar idea and was waving a bill out of her window! The man ran back to her and took the bill. ‘Oh darn, I thought’ as he retreated again. so I bibbed again. (Yes, I know):-\

This time he ran back to me. Yes, it was his lucky day! But it was MY lucky day too. As he approached I observed that he was a young man in his mid-twenties. Shabbily dressed with a really sad demeanor. He took my bill and I smiled to him. I noticed he had a sallow complexion with what appeared to be sores over his face. The lad was in bad shape.

He paused at the side of my car as as he took the bill and thanked me. I’d expected to hand him the bill and drive away. However the stop light remained on red. I looked at him and asked his name. He replied ‘Eli’. I asked ‘How are you today Eli?’. He said with a terribly sad face, ‘I’m not doing well today’ and shook his head. Who do we know who tells you how they are really feeling? It threw me really. In a split second my Love Manifesto rushed into my head and I thought, ‘What are you waiting for Heather?’.

I looked up at Eli from my comfortable car seat and said. ‘Do you know you are loved?’. Eli looked at me and said, ‘I really appreciate that’. The light changed to green but the traffic remained stationary. Eli and I remained locked in that moment. I then said, ‘I am Sending You Loads of Love Right Now’. Eli’s eyes filled up, he didn’t say anything. The stop light turned to red.

I was then compelled to say, ‘I Love You Eli’. Eli sort of shook his head and mumbled ‘Thank you’. The light changed green and now the traffic flowed. We looked at each other one last time; I smiled with HEARTFELT LOVE and I drove away.

I cannot tell you how powerful that brief interaction meant to me. As I continued my journey I felt an overwhelming sensation of Love AND Gratitude. Gratitude for having that solitary opportunity. I’d never told a complete stranger they were Loved. Not verbally anyway. I SEND LOVE silently. All the time. It’s my HABIT. A Habit that has raised my energy/vibration much higher than it has ever been. I thought about Eli. What is his story, what had brought him to those streets? I still think about him. It was one of my most Powerful experiences of Sending Love to a stranger.

What I’d said to Eli was not contrived. I hadn’t planned to say what I did. It just happened. I’m not advocating we all do that, (although you COULD if you felt like it). My HOPE is that you are Sending Love Forward, at least mentally. In a Flash, in a Whoosh, in a split second to as MANY people as you like. As a daily Habit. I stepped out of my own comfort box that day. I’d just expected to hand a bill to a sad guy at the side of the road AND of course to Send him Love.

Perhaps you can step out of your comfort zone and just as an example, Send Love Forward to someone you have been having difficulties with. Now, recently, or in your Past. Perhaps you can Send Love to someone who is being a Pain (!) at the DVC, in your place of work, or in traffic! Maybe you can Send Love to someone you never thought you could forgive? A friend, a family member. Maybe you will Send Love Forward, just because you feel like it.

Remember too, when we Send Love Forward, we’re also Sending Love to ourselves. Yes. Love comes back at you like a boomerang. Think about it, Would you really want the alternative?

I am Sending Love Forward to ALL of you in this moment. Please Send it Forward. Thank you.

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  1. Wonderful article Heather! We all need to catch these moments in life and spread love to others and gratitude for the great life we have. Every moment of it!

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