Following my my most recent blogette (SERENPIDITY), I wonder, did it set you to thinking of your own
moments of serendipitous happenstance?! I began to think of how serendipity has worked in my own life. Large and small incidents, not deliberately intended but all the same a side bar of fortuitous circumstance.

A couple of years ago I had visited my mother in England. I visited her at this time of year, Easter. Normally that would be it for another year. But in July just as my family were to embark upon a road trip vacation, I mentioned to my husband that I had a ‘feeling’ to visit my mother and would he mind if on our return trip I would fly from Salt Lake City as he could continue home with the children, to the Bay Area. My mother had been in hospital for a couple of weeks for investigations on her increased breathlessness and general ailments. On the day I arrived I was to pick her up as she was discharged as ‘well and stabilized on her medication’. We were so pleased to see each other. By ‘coincidence’ our older son was also visiting the UK and we met up at mum’s. We spent a pleasant afternoon as I suggested a drive around my old haunts to show my son where I had come from; old school, city, the hallowed ground at Manchester United and of course fish and chips. As usual the day was spent in great humor and spirit as we reminisced and kidded with each other.

The next morning I took my mother breakfast. Mum hadn’t slept well as usual but she was otherwise fine and I left to do a few errands. When I returned, mum was still in bed but a bit ‘out of sorts’. She dozed as I sat and read. The afternoon passed with a succession of unexpected visitors. My cousin Jennifer and her husband came and left. Only to return an hour later with not ONE but THREE of her sisters, my mum’s beloved nieces. What a surprise I thought. I hadn’t seen them for years. My own sister arrived and then my brother and his son. The small house was full to bursting. Most unusual I thought. Just as I was thinking to go to the store for more supplies, my brother called me upstairs where mum was lying down. He asked me to sit with her on the bed the opposite side of where he sat.

I couldn’t believe what now finally dawned on me. My mum was dying. Not at some vague time in the future, but right here and now in front of my eyes. At once there were 10 people surrounding my darling mother’s bed. I could not believe this moment had arrived. My mum died with the people who loved her the most surrounding her and as I my brother and sister held her. In the house we had called home for 55 years. That was the most powerful moment of serendipity in my entire life and I only thought of that last night!

What were the chances that I would make an almost spontaneous 5000 mile trip to see my mum – just because I felt it?

More serendipity was to follow. My husband had flown to the UK on a pre planned business trip and was in London. My eldest daughter had just touched down from her visit to Europe. Both of them took the train next morning to come to our home in Manchester. Although a week away, they were both able to be present for mum’s funeral.

As my brother and I began to sort out mum’s stuff as well as arrange a little book for her Requiem Mass. We couldn’t think what music we wanted. We came across three songs written in her hand in one of mum’s many notebooks. These turned out to be the most PERFECT songs and music we could ever have hoped to agree on. One of them we had never heard before and we requested it be played as mum was brought into the church. If you have any interest in being totally transported to a higher realm, I urge you to listen to the piece.

The Lark Ascending by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. It is transcending. As it played in that cavernous church I sensed my mum ascending from this plain to the next. It is one of the most powerfully moving pieces of music I have heard before or since.

I belief my mother called me before I knew. At some energy level, we BOTH knew, but the conscious me was in denial even 30 minutes before she passed away. At the time I kicked myself for not being more aware. For not spending EVERY second with her of my final visit, telling her what a beautiful, wonderful, amazing mother and friend she had been to oh so many. Now I only APPRECIATE and give eternal thanks that I was called to her side.

I am filled with such deep LOVE fueled by EMOTION as I write; I Send LOVE Forward to ALL of you in the glorious moment of time that is NOW. The only moment that matters for our Conscious Creation. I am not filled with grief, quite the reverse. I am filled with uplifting love. Please Send Love Forward today to those you meet. Friend and Stranger. We are connected, each of us part of the UNIVERSAL energy that is life, love, God and everything that is good, pure and Divine. Recognize the Divinity in the people around you. Thank You.

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