According to the dictionary ‘Serenpidity is luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for’.

A friend was called by her room mate to come pick her up at a restaurant. Even though it was past midnight, being a good friend, she decided to do this favor. When she arrived at the restaurant, her friend was no where to be found so she sat in the reception area and waited. Opposite her was a young man and the two fell into conversation. Turned out HE had also been called out by his friend and was doing his samaritan bit. Those two people exchanged numbers that night, started dating and later married. That’s a great example of a serendipitous moment. Neither were looking for a partner at that time either!

Some people see these moments as coincidence, chance or luck. They might not equate their thoughts and feelings with what comes across their paths. They consider the amazing and serendipitous events and coincidences that occur as being outside of themselves. This is not the case. We live in a world governed by natural laws and we experience what we send out as energy as our lived lives.

I would say that you have more chance of enjoying MORE opportunities of serendipity if you ARE in the ‘flow of life’. Years before I wrote about the Law of Attraction – or was even aware ‘it’ existed, I would say when a seemingly coincidental and happy occurrence manifested, ‘oh, i must be in the flow, in the zone…’. When everything fit into place in the most delightful way, I felt I was in a good ‘vibe’. (yes, I am a child of the 60’s).

The fact that beautiful moments of serendipity and coincidence may seem random probably contributes to people thinking it’s all chance and luck.

Anyhow, I wanted to remind you that in Sending Love Forward and expressing Gratitude as often as you can in the day, you WILL raise your vibrational (quantum) energy. And this serves to bring into your orbit, so to speak, increased incidents of pleasant surprises and random luck than if you remain in the old rut of negative self talk and downward looking emotion.

If as I believe, ‘Our Thoughts Are Things’, then I must and do believe that there are no coincidences. The people, events, opportunities, circumstances that play into our lives are a result of our energy out, otherwise known as Consciousness. The Universe where all this Consciousness Creation takes place does not hold any subjective views on those events and circumstances. The Universe will ‘bring’ to you whatever you think and feel about most. It doesn’t question, advise, or think. Your conscious creation is up to you. It is WE who must take responsibility for our inner thoughts which are underlined by emotion. This is what matters. We are each of us creating the events that will visit us tomorrow and the day after. No one else is responsible for the drama of our lives, good or bad. Change your thoughts and you change your life.

You can look upon serendipity as a by-product of ‘feeling good’. I also see it as a manifestation of your Abundant Life. The thing is, it needn’t be random or chance. It could be much more frequent than you think! When I hear people say, ‘You won’t believe what happened to me’… followed by a wonderful tale of happenstance; I LOVE to believe it. Serendipitous moments make me smile. Harness the wonderful power of your mind to manifest more to you evidence of your Abundant Life.

Send Love to yourself first and foremost. Send love to your loved ones. Send Love Forward to those fellow travelers you meet in your daily lives. We are in fact, ALL connected. Sending Love OUT equals Love IN. Expressing GRATITUDE for the most minor incidents and stuff that happens in your life, leads the way forward for receiving MORE to be GRATEFUL for. I am Sending Love Forward to each and everyone of you in this glorious moment that is the NOW. Not tomorrow or next week, for NOW is the only moment that matters, and that the Universe understands.

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