‘To the mind that is still. The whole Universe surrenders. (Lao Tzu)

As you gradually turn your attention from what you don’t want and more to THAT thing, those things, you do want, your vibration melds with Quantum Energy or ‘All That Is’. You can if you wish, call it God, the Universe, or even The Field.

As you focus more on your wants and desires, you are aware that the balance of Feeling Good is essential to the outcome of your wishes fulfilled. When you Feel Good, you are more relaxed about the outcome of your wants and desires. It is when you are feeling good that you are in vibration and harmony with all that is. Yes, ‘life’ here sometimes gets in the way. Frustrations, our own not very helpful self-talk, the whole damn thing sometimes gets in the way – but mostly actually – it’s ourselves that mess it up. When this happens, just swish back to your/a good feeling thought. Make it a habit. It works.

When you really GET that we are the only person responsible for the life we are experiencing and Consciously Creating – it should get easier to continue wanting to re-calibrate our emotions and moods. ESPECIALLY when we fully comprehend that our ABUNDANT life is on the line. That is either side of your emotional divide. Ask yourself, how much do you desire that abundant life? Then it’s absolutely worth swishing back to a better feeling emotion, isn’t it? THAT thing you want is either coming towards you or heading in the opposite direction. It’s entirely up to you. Not anything else. The economy/president/parent/your lousy boss/neighbor/brother in law, has zero to do with your ABUNDANT life – or lack thereof.

When you place your cosmic order of wishes and release the thought, you SURRENDER to that thing, those things you wish to come into your life. As Deepak Chopra puts it: “Slip into the gap, have the desire, detach from the outcome, and let the Universe take care of the details”.

When you do everything right in the ordering of your cosmic desires – up unto the point of SURRENDER – and then commence to worry, fret, agonize and manipulate… you are entering into the energy of LACK.

You don’t want to do that.

You want to remain mellow and relaxed. Nodding your head as though listening to your favorite playlist. Smiling at back of your eyes, in full KNOWING and TRUST that, the ABUNDANCE you have ordered up – is on it’s way. Depending on your generation, just like depending on the reliability of a Sears Catalogue – or Amazon Prime. Ok, the excellent Amazon Prime promises 2-day delivery – and for those whose wants are aligned with firm believe – delivery (manifestation) could be 2 days… but for the majority of us, standard delivery should do it.

As dear Florence Scovel Shinn advised, (words to the effect of): Allow your desires to come in on a don’t care sea.

When you’ve made your online order, do you fret and worry if and when your item will arrive? Do you wake at 2 am and wonder, ‘Will that thing ever come’? No. I didn’t think so. And by the way – if you are prone to middle of the night mental meanderings – if you are going to be awake – please try swishing your thoughts to what you WANT rather than the opposite.

For gazing on the images, thoughts and feeling of what you DON’T want is just as powerful as planting your attention firmly on everything you DO want. All That Is/the Universe/Subconscious Mind, is impartial to your wants. It delivers to your door what you think and feel about mostly. Whether that be penury or abundance. Whether it be more of what you are sick and tired of or whether it be your new reality. The ABUNDANT LIFE you desire and deserve.

So here’s the thing. Surrender your wishes and desires to the greater power. Demanding, agonizing or worrying will have the opposite effect of that very thing you want! Don’t try to manipulate or instruct, either. Placing your order is all you need to do. (the HOW of that is addressed in earlier blogs, but feel free to drop me a line for clarification). Place your desire into an imaginary bottle and toss it into the endless ocean or release it inside a huge ballon into the infinite sky. And then TRUST.

Then get on with your life. Naturally, you revisit your desires/wishes/wants in your daily and RELAXED moments of visualization and guided reverie. But SURRENDER is an important key.

The thing is – that thing you want – is already here. It already exist in that infinite Quantum Field of expansion and possibility. The ENERGY of our Allowing, Surrendering and Expectation causes it to manifest.

YOU need to BE that thing you want, wish, long for. That thing you want to BE, HAVE or DO, is right here. Practice the FEELING of the thing and smile with expectation as it sails towards you. Say ‘Thank You’ before you take ownership of it.

In this amazing moment that is the glorious NOW, I am Sending Love to all of you. For some moments in your day, reflect on the NOW, rather than the past or the future. NOW is your point of attraction and power, FEEL good NOW, not when that thing you’re after finally arrives. It may not. The secret is NOW. Thank You.

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