Thoughts Are Things 101

A couple of blogettes ago, I wrote a blog (What Are You Thinking)?. I commented,
When we FEEL what we believe is TRUE about ourselves, whether it IS actually true or NOT, our powerful subconscious believes it and subsequently – as like attracting like – brings circumstances to our door that ‘satisfy’ the belief.

But what if that feeling or belief is NOT what we truly want? What if what we WANT doesn’t manifest in our lives? What’s going on? I also mentioned that very often, ‘We DON’T get what we WANT out of life, we get what we EXPECT’.

Well here’s the thing. It is our immensely powerful Subconscious Mind that brings to us – the things we want. However, and here’s the crunch, we are often in TWO minds as to what we really WANT. We may WANT to lose 20 pounds but we may ALSO BELIEVE that we have tried every diet under the sun and our stronger belief is, ‘Diets don’t work for me. It’s hopeless. I’ll never lose weight; my whole family have weight problems’. We may want to stop smoking but we might believe, ‘smoking helps me de-stress. I’m now addicted to cigarettes and in any case, I don’t smoke that much.. (but I’d really like to stop… if I could’). or, ‘I’m depressed. I can’t cope without my medication. My mother and her sister were depressed too. It’s in the family’. Fill in the gaps for whatever negative habit, condition, state, you are in… and your Subconscious Mind will bring it to your door.

The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, as powerful as it is – some estimates state that the Subconscious is 90% more powerful than our Conscious mind = does NOT argue with our inner beliefs. If we say we are hopeless, depressed and broke, our Subconscious minds will bring every situation and symptom of that belief – to our door. The Subconscious does not argue or have an opinion. It serves to OBEY the DOMINANT, CONSCIOUS mind.

Conversely, when we say, ‘I am happy, or successful, wealthy, or a Rock Star. Your Subconscious mind will MOVE HEAVEN & EARTH to bring your belief, high or low – to your door.

So, what are we waiting for? WHY aren’t we all of the above? We want to be healthy, wealthy, successful, live in the house of our dreams, meet mr/mrs right, and well, what do you WANT?

The thing is we must be PERSISTENT in our desires. Our affirmations, visualizations, and wants. We need to MAKE SURE that we are are focusing on our desired EXPECTATIONS.

A while ago I counseled a friend of mine who was struggling in her business. I went over how necessary it was to CHANGE her thoughts, her consciousness. From a failure mindset, to that of success.

Hey! I get it! I’ve been there myself. When we are used to thinking in a ‘certain way’, it IS an EFFORT to think otherwise. Exchanging one’s thoughts of ‘poor me; everything is against me; life sucks’ to those of, ‘I am grateful’, ‘I love my life’ and ‘I AM successful/wealthy/happy/am prepared to meet my soul mate…’; whatever it IS, IS an effort.
CHANGING HABITS takeS effort and a bit of time. How long was it anyway, to create that HABIT?!

Anyhow to continue with this story. I got my friend ‘on board’ with how changing her conscious thoughts would change her life and her business. She totally ‘got it’. A few days later I called her to check in. ‘How are things going’? I asked excitedly. ‘Oh’ she said, ‘I can’t be bothered with all that. It’s too much trouble’. I was so surprised that I laughed. In fact, we laughed together. She went on to say, It’s too much like hard work and I’ll just deal with the way things are’. Nuff said and what more could I say? Nothing.

YES, changing the way you THINK and FEEL may be more work than you’re used to – INITIALLY. But if you really GET that WE Create Our Lives, not just a little bit, or the odd occasion, but EVERY SINGLE SECOND THAT WE EXIST, then a little effort is worth it.

Do you think it is worth making a little effort if it will cCHANGE YOUR LIFE? There is only ONE answer. That’s right. YES, it is ABSOLUTELY worth your effort.

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS people. When you say you CAN, (DO, HAVE, BE what you want), then it is a MATHEMATICAL equation, that you CAN. When you say you CAN’T; guess what? That’s right, you won’t.

Ok, so HOW do we Create Our Lives With Our Thoughts? What must we do to change our current situations (our EXPECTED circumstances), to those of the lives we really WANT? If you HAVE the desire and want, what more do you need to do?

Hang about, I’m going to tell you.

In the meantime, continue Sending Love Forward on a regular basis. WHY? Because Sending Love raises your ENERGY and VIBRATIONAL level. These are the CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS of your ABUNDANT Lives. Continue giving GRATITUDE in your daily lives for the same reasons. Start with how your Subconscious Mind controls ALL of your bodily functions, for a starter. Give thanks. Then look outside your door at nature to continue.

GRATITUDE is a KEY COMPONENT of your ABUNDANT and MANIFESTED Lives. Please trust me in this. Consider also your Generosity. Sure, you can give materially if you have, but you can also give your INTENT, which includes your love, your kind heart, your wishes of well being to the Other. As you give, you receive. What a thought!

I am Sending Love to You in THIS MOMENT. You are ALL Beautiful, Creative, Eternal Beings.
Thank You.

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