We Are Conscious Creators

According to one of my favorite Law of Attraction writers, the mystic Neville Goddard, Consciousness is the key to manifesting the life we desire. Consciousness is the awareness of creating our lives WITHIN ourselves rather than the mistake many make of thinking we can control our lives from what is occurring OUTSIDE of us. We are creating our lives every second of the day. Take a quiet moment to reflect on your lives. What are the things, people and circumstances that make up your life? Are you able to relate your current conditions with your inner talk (Consciousness). Are you able to link your lived experiences with your habitual self talk. Are you manifesting what you really want out of life – or are you manifesting what you expect, deep down in your gut?

That place – your gut – is the repository of your innermost feelings and emotions of what you really FEEL about yourself. No matter what you say to the contrary, it is these feeling that will continue to win out. Do you have the idea of life happening OUTSIDE of you? That you are at the ebb and flow of the river of life and its currents. sometimes going with the calm flow and other times being at the mercy of stormy currents, that sweep you totally off course? Or perhaps you feel you are drifting calmly yet aimlessly.

Do you ask yourself, ‘where is my ABUNDANT life’? and ‘what happened to my dreams’? Well how about getting back in control of where you really want to be/do/have? With focus and some determination you can live your life in a more constant ‘flow’ rather than at the mercy of some force outside of yourself.

It’s INSIDE that matters. Consciousness is the only creative force. You are constructing your life from the inside, via your thoughts, imaginings, feelings and emotions. All day, every day, without exception.

Neville suggests focusing on that thing you desire. Whether it be a person, an achievement, a goal, a condition. Hold the desire in your imagination. Make the imagery come to life with deep emotion and visceral feeling.
And create a realistic scene that would indicate your wish is fulfilled. Ask yourself:
‘How would I feel if my wish were fulfilled’? There is your answer. Reflect on this visualization as you relax into it. As often as you like and particularly as you sink into sleep.

As you sink into sleep, you take with you into that altered state the instructions from your conscious mind that is absorbed by your deeper subconscious mind. Whatever your habitual instruction is, your subconscious mind will see to it that your wish is fulfilled. And listen – whether your want them or not. Your super powerful SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is objective when it comes to carrying out your repeated demands and desires. It serves only to bring to your door the very things you most commonly dwell upon. You may not think you desire an unsatisfactory life – but what ARE your frequent thoughts? You may resent not achieving what you think you deserve but examine your thoughts. Where are they? What are they?

Of the many thousands of words the prolific speaker and writer Esther Hicks has written, there are two sentiments that have never left me. These are:
“There is NOTHING that is more important than I FEEL GOOD”, and
“Well meaning is lined up outside your door”!

When you feel good, you are in a positive vibrational state and ABUNDANCE encircles you, waiting to deliver. I think a problem for many is not being able to sustain that state for long periods. Even a complete morning for some, never mind an entire day! This sends mixed messages to the quantum field of energy. In the end, not knowing whether it’s coming or going.

But as I always say – Onwards and Upwards – let’s try our best. Every day.

This is why I urge you to lift your vibrational energy away from what you don’t want by Sending Love Forward. Love yourself and Send Love Forward on an habitual basis. Give GRATITUDE for what you do have and be mindful of your roaming thoughts. Harness them back to what is good, kind and harmonious.

I am Sending Love Forward to all of you right now. To the readers of this blog and to the non-readers. I think that just about covers EVERYONE! Please Send Love Forward. Thank you.

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