We Create Our Lives

Most people think that life is what happens outside of them. That they don’t have control of what happens. That what happens to them is a result of outer circumstances. They think that their work, family, the economy, the government, the neighbors, the neighborhood, their health and so on, is outside of them. That all these things have a life of their own that in turn affects us.

How would it be if we could enjoy lives that were more predictable, more pleasing; with less stress and more happiness? How would it be if we could consciously create our lives?! There is another way to live. Each one of us can consciously create the harmonious life they crave.

There is no magic involved here, although often it feels like it. It is by using the power of our thoughts or imagination that we can create the kind of life we only dream of. Many of you will have heard of the power of positive thinking, the Law of Attraction and so on. But this entails more than random daydreaming and occasional fantasies. This way of life requires focused thought that becomes habitual, constructive thought.

We think all day every day anyway, don’t we? With practice and focus, we can all decide to have the lives we really want to live. In any case, our lives are already shaped by the thoughts we think. Each and every one of us is living the lives that each of us has created. Our thoughts are the cause; our lives are the effects. It isn’t luck, good or bad; it isn’t that you weren’t born in the right environment or to the right family. Nothing that affects your life as you see it is caused by anything external. It’s inside that matters.

“You are what you think”. This is the basis of the ‘secret’. And here I’m not just referring to the book/movie of the same name – as much as I admire both for the way it has resurrected knowledge of the ‘Law’, which is as old as mankind. This philosophy is not just about gaining ‘stuff’. While there is nothing wrong with ‘stuff’ – after all – we are here to enjoy life and not live in misery and poverty. I prefer to interpret the meaning of an ‘abundant life’ as a more all round fulfilled life. Material things yes of course, but also abundant health, relationships, spirit. In addition, an abundancy of harmony, peace, forgiveness and doing the right thing by each other.

If you are dissatisfied with your life you CAN change it. Change your present thoughts and you change your life. If this sounds too good to be true, I promise you, it isn’t. It’s perfectly natural. The energy and vibration (vibes), we give out, are returned to us as the lives we experience. The experiences of our everyday, the people in our lives, the situations we find ourselves in are all part of the vibration we have attracted. Habits you wish to change but find difficult to do are also possible to eliminate if you change your vibration, your thoughts. It’s a matter of convincing yourself – or your subconscious mind – that is the key here.

Your super powerful subconscious mind REACTS to the thoughts, emotions and feelings impressed upon it by the conscious mind. It has no opinion or original thought. When an impression of desire fueled by intense feeling is ‘felt’ as ‘true’ by the subconscious, it will move heaven and earth to bring THAT thing to your door. It’s up to YOU to consciously decide what that thing is.

Knowing what we don’t want is a good basis to begin the change. This leads us to knowing what we want. What DO you want? Better health, improved relationships, a different job or career? Where do you see yourself? What are your inner desires and ambitions? What habits would you like to change, what habits would you like to acquire?! Ask yourself these questions and be totally honest with yourself.

What it takes is a commitment to focus your habitual thoughts of lack to habitual thoughts of ABUNDANCE. This leads to a raised level of energy vibration. As you know by reading this blog, one of the ways to raise your quantum energy is to Send Love Forward – as a habit. As you do this, you cannot help but become more mindful, less critical of yourself and those around you and more attractive to the ABUNDANT LIFE you desire.

I will discuss ways in which we are all creating our lives – whether we know it or not; whether we even want the lives we are attracting – or not.

In the meantime as always I am Sending Love Forward to ALL of you, right here in the glorious NOW. The NOW is the only ‘time’ that matters as far as Conscious Creation is concerned 🙂 Thank You.

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